Akihiro Sato will appear in indie film "Handumanan"

(Fromleft) Cosmo celebrity centerfold Akihiro Sato, ChinChin Gutierrez, and Jason Abalos topbill the indie film Handumanan (Remembrance).Shot on location in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, this film is slated to be shownpublicly by February 2009.

Half-Brazilian, half-Japanese model Akihiro Sato will beintroduced in the indie film titled Handumanan(Remembrance). This project came justa few months after appearing as one of the ten CelebrityCenterfolds of Cosmopolitan'sCosmomen supplement released last September.

Chin Chin Gutierrez and Jason Abalos topbill the film, which is being shot onlocation in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental. The film is about three people who seemto have lost hope of their worlds until their fateful encounter in a resort inNegros Oriental.

Chin Chin plays a romance novelist named Solita Locsin a.k.a. Soledad Miranda whocannot accept her publisher's demand that she write erotic pocketbooks. When she is diagnosed with a terminalillness, she decides to quit her job and go back home to Dumaguete.

Jason Abalos is Alejandro Tan a.k.a. Lean. He wants to be a writer but he istrapped in his job at the Commission on Audit after finishing accountancy uponthe wish of his mother. He also wants toescape from a world that has been harsh to his family.

Carlos Silva (Akihiro) is a Brazilian print ad model who is searching for hisroots. He uses his blog to connect with people all over the world. After Sol finds out about blogging from herniece, she makes use of this new tool to continue writing. Intrigued with her writing, Carlos finds herblog on the Internet and expresses his wish to meet her personally. Meanwhile, Lean is assigned to audit inDumaguete but his escapist attitude leads him to Sol, whose romance novels playa significant role in his life.

The script of Handumanan is co-writtenby Richard Soriano Legaspi and Seymour Barros Sanchez, who is more popularly known as Meyor. Their script was selected during the 3rd Produire au Sud Film Workshop, which is partof the sixth World Film Festival Bangkok. The National Commission for Cultureand the Arts (NCCA) provided the filmmakers with a P500,000 grant, allowing thefilm to premiere in February 2009 in time for the celebration of National ArtsMonth. Red Room Productions will also co-produce the film.

This film is also done in cooperation with theKatorse Writers Group (from Ricky Lee's 14th scriptwriting workshop), Pixel ArtMedia Production Co., On Cam Productions and the University of Makati FilmSociety.

Seymour is an instructor at the University of Makati Centerfor Performing and Digital Arts, a special lecturer at St. Paul UniversityManila, and founder and adviser of the University of Makati Film Society whileRichard is a part-time instructor at the University of the East College of FineArts in Caloocan.


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