Cine Veritas 2008 to take place at UPFI, Dec 9-12

Last year's edition of Cine Veritas served as the Philippine gala premiere of Brillante Mendoza's Tirador. This year, a variety of activities will promote human rights awareness.

The UP Film Institute will be conducting the 2008 Cine Veritas Human Rights Festival on December 9-12 at the UPFI Cine Adarna, Videotheque and Ishmael BernalGallery. This four-day festival aims to promote human rights awarenessthrough various multi-media/-format activities organized by theparticipating groups. Theconduct of this year's event goes beyond its film festival program. Itincludes cultural presentations and educational discussions in aneffort to broaden viewer's understanding of human rights and updatethem with the current state of it in our country. Entrance to allactivities and screenings are for free, except for the musical play Lorena.

For inquiries and reservations, you may call 926-2722/926- 3640 or send an email to upfi.adarna@


December 9

10am = Ang Mga Lorenamusical play / press conference @ the Cine Adarna

3pm = Engkwentro Exhibit Opening @ the UPFI lobby

Assembly for the Veritas March

4pm = Veritas March (UP academic oval)

5:30pm = Festival opening ceremony

= FACT Sheet exhibit opening

7:30pm = Film screening (Economic, Social and Cultural Rights films) @ the Videotheque

City for Sale (SIPAT, Philippines )

Daangbakal (TUDLA Productions, Philippines )

Lakbayan (Mayday Productions, Philippines )

Kung Balatan ang Bawang (Jewel Maranan/TUDLA Productions, Philippines )

4:30, 6pm = Film Screening: Kurap @ the Videotheque

December 10

10am = Film showing: Puting Ilaw ( Aiza PeƱafiel , Philippines )

Migrant Worker's Rights Forum @ the Cine Adarna

12nn-2pm = Film screening (International People's Struggle) @ the Cine Adarna

The Cu Chi Channels (Mickey Grant; Vietnam Friendship Grant Ltd., Vietnam )

Venezuela Boliviariana People and Struggle of the Fourth World War (Marcelo Andrade Arreaza/ Calle Y Media , Venezuela )

5-7pm = Film screenings (International People's Struggle Batch 2) @ the Videotheque

Iraq for Sale : The War Profiteers (Robert Greenwald/Brave New Films, Iraq )

7pm = Human Rights Forum @ the Ishmael Bernal Gallery

6:30, 8pm = Film Screening: Kurap @ the Videotheque

December 11

2 pm, 7:30 pm = Ang Mga Lorena musical play

4:30pm-6pm = film screenings (Political and Civil Rights...) @ the Videotheque

Sa Ngalan Ng Tubo (TUDLA Productions, Philippines )


Mendiola (SIPAT, Philippines )

PP1017: An Ode to Democracy (KODAO Productions, Philippines )

Lunes ng Hapis (Nick Olanka, Philippines )

6pm = film premiere, screenings (STEX productions, Philippines ) and forum by STEX @ the Ishmael Bernal Gallery

Rights 1, Rights 2

Magtanggol, Makibaka

Premiere of Detinidong Pulitikal

6:30, 8pm = Film Screening: Kurap @ the Videotheque

December 12

3pm = Forum @ the Ishmael Bernal Gallery

4:30-6:30pm = film screenings @ the Videotheque

with the courtesy of the Embassy of Japan

Megumi (animation, Japan )

Abduction (documentary, Japan )

7 pm= Cultural Night @ the Ishmael Bernal Gallery and Perfumed Garden

* Cine Veritas Group is composed of the UP Film Institute, UP Diliman Student Council, Southern TagalogExposure, Sine Patriyotiko, Artists' Arrest, Ugnayan ng NagkakaisangArtista, TUDLA Productions, Art March, KANLUNGAN, SINAGBAYAN, KODAOProductions, Rainbow Rights Project, Mayday Productions, Commission onHuman Rights, UP Sining at Lipunan, and People's Caravan for Truth,Justice.





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