UP Film Institute pays tribute to Taiwan group F4

Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu, and Vic Zhou comprise the Taiwan group F4.

Years after Taiwan's sensational teen pop idol group F4 first drew a devoted pan-Asian following that enticed everyone to be obsessed with all things Chinese, the UP Film Institute brings back memories of the heartthrobs forming the band whose rise began with the slick television drama Meteor Garden. Unknown to many, more than antiseptic romances, the films to be shown in UP Diliman are compelling cinematic excursions to warm the heart and evoke sweet memories of love.

A rendezvous with the F4 is a fitting observance of the month of hearts. Have a date with the F4 during the following schedule:

February 21 Wednesday

2 p.m. Date with the F4: Magic Kitchen

5 p.m. Date with the F4: Star Runner

7 p.m. Twilight Dancers (Uncut!)

February 22 Thursday

5 p.m. Griffin & Phoenix

7 p.m. Twilight Dancers (Uncut!)

February 23 Friday

5 p.m. onwards - Signed: Lino Brocka/A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino (Venue: Videotheque)

8:30 p.m. Cine al Fresco

February 24 Saturday

2 p.m. Date with the F4: Sky of Love

5/7 p.m. Twilight Dancers (Uncut!)

February 26 Monday

2/7 p.m. Wicker Park

5 p.m. Lucky Number Slevin

February 27 Tuesday

2 p.m. Lucky Number Slevin

5 p.m. Happy Feet

7 p.m. Lucky Number Slevin

February 28 Wednesday

2 p.m. Date with the F4: Sky of Love

5 p.m. Seroks

7:30 p.m. Seroks


Magic Kitchen

A Golden Films Release

A lady chef with a successful career that cannot compensate for an empty love life earns the compassion of her boyish assistant and secret admirer.

Direction and Screenplay: Lee Chi-Ngai. Cast: Jerry Yan, Sammi Cheng, Andy

Lau, Nicola Cheung, Maggie Q.

2004 102 minutes 35mm color

Star Runner

A Golden Films Release

A summer school student drawn to a brokenhearted language lecturer from

Korea aspires to win a free-fight championship.

Direction: Daniel Lee. Cast: Vanness Wu, Andy On, Kim Hyun-joo


2003 100 minutes 35mm color

Sky of Love

A Golden Films Release

A petulant cynic and a romantic from a less skeptical age become friends

through the course of conversations on a radiophone.

Direction: Teng Hua-Tao. Screenplay: Ming Yue. Cast: Ken Zhi, Gigi Leung.

2003 91 minutes 35mm color





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