Toni Gonzaga identifies with her character in "You Got Me"

When asked to choose who has the best body build—Zanjoe Marudo (leftmost) or Sam Milby—Toni Gonzaga replied, "Mahihirapan ka talaga pumili kasi pareho silang maganda ang katawan. Pareho ring maganda ang abs nila."

Valentine's Day might be over but Star Cinema wants people to relive the romance with their follow-up to last year's hit, You Are the One. Toni Gonzaga now figures in a love triangle with Amboy hottie Sam Milby and cover boy Zanjoe Marudo for the movie You Got Me, which will open in theaters nationwide on February 28.

In preparation for her role as Lt. Amor "Mo" Santander, Toni went through rigorous training several weeks before shooting the movie. "Yung dirt bike, mas mataas pa sa kin kaya may ilang sessions pa ako para pag-aralan yun. Nag-aral din ako ng basic stunts like rolling, tumbling, cartwheel," says the TV host-actress.

As a police officer in the movie, her character Mo is expected to run after criminals and ride a motorbike. Toni claims that her part in You Got Me is her most physically challenging role to date. "Ang dami kong pasa, nagka-sprain ako, nagkasakit, while doing this movie," she narrates.

Sam, her leading man, affirms this by saying, "She did her own stunts and she has the bruises to prove that. He continues: "It was a challenging role. It's completely the opposite of You Are The One although mas madali ‘coz we already worked together before."

You Got Me tells the story of Caloy (Zanjoe), a pirated DVD vendor being chased by the meek and geeky desk cop Lt. Kevin (Sam) and the hyper SWAT officer Lt. Mo (Toni). Expect to see exciting police stunts and kilig scenes (including one scene where Lt. Mo is upside down while talking to the nerdy looking Lt. Kevin) in You Got Me. This Star Cinema production is helmed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, the same director of the first Toni-Sam starrer You Are The One.


PARALLELISMS. When Toni read the script of You Got Me, she couldn't help but see the parallelisms between her and her character Mo. "I was telling Direk [Cathy] at the start of the movie, ‘This is me in real life. Pulis lang siya, artista ako.' Parehong-pareho talaga sa akin."

She continues: "[Mo] is very strong. She always holds back. Laging nasa loob yung nararamdaman mo. Medyo nahirapan nga ako na ilabas yung emotions."

When Sam was asked whether or not he could relate to his character Kevin, he admits, "I'm a techie...not really a nerdy guy."

Since the three lead characters are involved in a love triangle, the entertainment press pressures Toni to choose between her two leading men, Zanjoe and Sam. In response, she says, "Mahirap yung question...Kung ganito ka-gwapo ang pagpipilian mo, sasakit talaga ulo mo. I'm very fortunate to work with these two guys who are very talented."

The men were asked to name the person to whom they would say the cheesy line, "You got me." Between Toni and Anne Curtis (his leading lady in the TV series Maging Sino Ka Man), the Amboy hottie says, "Right now, I couldn't choose. Toni is the ideal girl for me...she's smart, funny, God-fearing. Meanwhile, Anne-we come from similar...we have the same background."

For his part, Zanjoe also couldn't make up his mind between Mariel Rodriguez and Bianca Gonzales. His candid response: "They got me!"

Toni describes the qualities that she likes about her leading men. For her, Zanjoe "is a dashing debonair" while Sam "is a hunk who is really cute."


Star Cinema's latest movie, You Got Me, is sure to tickle your heart (and your funnybone) starting February 28.





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