Judy Ann Santos and Ogie Alcasid will tickle funny bones in Oh My Girl!

In Oh My Girl!, Judy Ann Santos (left) will play a young superstar while Ogie Alcasid (right) is cast as a cell phone repair man. Find out what will happen to their love story in this upcoming romantic comedy flick to be directed by Dante Nico Garcia.

Young superstar Judy Ann Santos teams up with singer-songwriter-comedian Ogie Alcasid for the upcoming comedy Oh, My Girl! (OMG). It will be helmed by Ploning director Dante Nico Garcia under Regal Films.

In a previous interview, Direk Dante told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that the story was conceptualized by Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez.

He also pointed that viewers will see a different Juday in the film OMG, which is scheduld to grind before the end of the March.

"Gusto ko kung gaano ka-kime si Juday sa Ploning, ganun siya ka kahinhin sa Ploning, gusto kong i-reverse," said Direk Dante. "Alam ko mas mahirap magpatawa kaysa magpaiyak kaya gusto ko lang i-try. It's a story by Regine Velasquez and it will star Ogie Alcasid and Juday. Sa story, nag-collaborate kaming apat: si Ogie, si Regine, si Juday at ako," says Direk Dante about his second full-length feature film. (Click HERE to read more about his future projects.)

According to Regal matriarch Mother Lily Monteverde, "This is a movie borne out of friendship. Undoubtedly, Juday and Ogie are two of the most loved personalities in showbusiness, and their friendship goes beyond what is seen by the cameras. Ogie was one of those who stood by Juday during the Ploning fund raising and unknown to the public, Juday and Ogie together with their respective parties spent Valentines with a double date."

Aside from occasional guestings and co-hosting chores in S.O.P., Juday was last seen gracing Ogie's anniversary concert via a short film-music video directed by Dante Nico Garcia. "But this film will just be a riot, we shall do everything to make this work," said Ogie.

For her part, the female ABS-CBN talent said that she is equally excited to shoot this comedy film with the GMA-7 TV host-singer. "I look forward to having a grand time in the set as I always enjoy being with Ogie."

Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez is also one of the key people why Oh My Girl's story came to be. "Juday and Ogie have sowed a lot of goodwill in the industry and Oh My Girl! will be a testament to their love and friendship. We hope to make evident onscreen the positive vibes that we all feel about the project," remarked supervising producer Noel Ferrer.

"This production is teeming with friends who are deemed as the best in the industry, so we are really excited to see through this project's fruition," said Roselle Monteverde-Teo, Regal's heiress.

Mother Lily emphasizes, "All of us have best friends and soul mates, and I'm sure a lot of people will identify with Juday's and Ogie's characters in Oh, My Girl!—the partnership of an odd couple magnetized by friendship which makes the chemistry all the more interesting and worth waiting for."

Oh My Girl! (2009)

Written by: Tanya Winona Bautista

Directed by: Dante Nico Garcia

Genre: Romantic-Comedy

Based on a Concept By: Ogie Alcasid, Emman dela Cruz, Regine Velasquez

Story Developed for Film by: Ogie Alcasid,Tanya Bautista, Emman dela Cruz, Dante Nico Garcia, Josel Garlitos, Raymond Lee, Regine Velasquez

SYNOPSIS. Oh My Girl! is a love story about a young superstar desperate tofind her true identity and a simple cell phone repair man desperate to findhis greatest love. They overcome outrageous odds to find theirhilarious way back to each other. OMG promises to make you laugh outloud by showing the crazy things we do in the name of lastingfriendship and enduring love.






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