Ariel Rivera (as Joselito Mirasol) succumbs to corruption in Padre de Pamilya

Ariel Rivera (right) is the head of the Mirasol family in the indie film Padre de Pamilya. It is currently being screened in SM cinemas in Metro Manila.

The Mirasol family would generally be regarded by society as a traditional and conservative Filipino Catholic family. They go to church every Sunday, they pray before each meal. The padre de pamilya, Joselito Mirasol (Ariel Rivera) has only one goal in life: to make sure that all his children with Maggie (Jaclyn Jose) are brought up to be good, God-fearing Roman Catholics.

But to be a good father, one has the obligation to provide all the needs of the family, including a new computer for his graduating eldest son Edu (Cedric Jose). Joselito's job as a sanitation inspector in the Municipality of San Felipe comes with a very small salary but presents much "opportunities" to be corrupt like the town Mayor Elaine Villa (Tessie Tomas) who thrives in power by buying the voters with her dirty money.

Because of pressures brought about by the needs of the family, the father Joselito succumbs to the temptation to be corrupt just like everybody else in the munisipyo. Alas, the good father Joselito is caught in the act of corruption. Even more unfortunately, he is caught in a very embarrassing, very public manner. To the family, the shame of having a corrupt father was unbearable.

Padre de Pamilya is a story about how the Mirasol family struggles to remain good despite the fact that they belong to a society that is inherently corrupt. It is the untold real story of many Filipino families today. It is a close-up look into our society and why it has become so corrupt.

Padre de Pamilya is currently being screened in all SM Cinema branches in Metro Manila. It is rated PG-13 by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board.





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