Dukot features cases of desaparecidos in the Philippines

Allen Dizon and Iza Calzado topbill Dukot, which will be directed by Joel Lamangan (seated). This indie film will tackle cases of desaparecidos or persons who were abducted and disappeared without a trace.

ATD Entertainment Productions in partnership with CDP Events and Entertainment Productions will resurrect the "political film" genre when the principal photography of Dukot (Desaparecidos) starts soon.

Desaparecidos is a Spanish term that literally means "the disappeared. Human rights groups in the Philippines started using the term in 1975, when abductions and disappearances of leftist activists and sympathizers took place during the regime of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. According to the group Families of Victims of Involuntary Disappearanceor FIND, there are about 1,777 cases of forced disappearance in thePhilippines as of 2008. Dukot is a timely piece that will evoke sympathy for families of people who suddenly vanished and disappeared without a trace.

Palanca-awardee Bonifacio Ilagan wrote Dukot, which will be megged by director Joel Lamangan. Leading the cast are Allen Dizon and Iza Calzado, supported by Gina Alajar, Robert Arevalo, Emilio Garcia, Felix Roco and Snooky Serna. Also in the ensemble are Raquel Villavicencio, Mon Confiado, John Apacible, Jim Pebangco, Rico Barrera, Menggie Cobarrubias, Tony Mabesa, Nanding Josef and newcomer Armaine Pagcu.

Dukot tackles the issues of human rights violations and extra-judicial killings. Co-producers ATD and CDP caution viewers, "Warning to the onion-skinned: It's only job, nothing personal. Dukot will surely hurt because it's an anthology of reality-based stories of the so-called ‘desaparecidos,' particularly those activists who have disappeared under mysterious circumstances and who, to this date, have not been heard about by their own families.

What really happens to these "desaparecidos" and their families? Who are responsible for their disappearances?

Writer Ilagan says: "Dukot could very well be the first full-length film to deal squarely with the current phenomenon of human rights violations in the Philippines."

Director Lamangan admits: "It's one of my dream projects. I do soap operas and commercial films, but this time, I'm very pleased to do a socially-relevant movie like Dukot."

Lead actress Iza gushes: "It's a role to die for. I'm thankful to Direk Joel for entrusting to me the role of Maricel."

Allen Dizon is proudest of ATD's latest venture: "After reading the script, I was dumbfounded. I really couldn't sleep over that role of Junix's. I wish I could do justice to it. I really have to prepare for it. After Paupahan which figures in the coming Star Awards for Movies—including a Best Actor nomination for me and the Best Digital Movie of the Year; our second feature Marino is almost in the can and it makes me super proud, too; here comes Dukot. What else can I ask for?"

Co-producer Ms. Carina Pagcu of CDP shares: "I cried after reading the script. I got scared, too for its courage and honesty. I talked to my husband... We agreed that this may not earn but we'll pull it through. We'll try the international festival circuit and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Win or lose, we're doing a significant movie."






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