Ruffa and Gretchen on doing the movie "Desperadas"

"MotherLily [Monteverde] has been calling lately. She wants to do the movie again,"says Ruffa Gutierrez about Desperadas, the movie that was supposed tostar Ruffa, Gretchen Barretto, Dawn Zulueta, and Pops Fernandez.

"Mother Lily [Monteverde] has been calling lately. She wantsto do the movie again," says Ruffa Gutierrez about Desperadas, the moviethat was supposed to star Ruffa, Gretchen Barretto, Dawn Zulueta, andPops Fernandez.

Talk has it that the movie, only on its pre-production stagethen, didn't push through because of the Gretchen-Dawn spat that ensued afterthe two worked together in Preview magazine's cover shoot and in ashampoo commercial.

Dawn was allegedly irked by Gretchen's prima donna ways. The latter was said to have brought too manydesigner things, too many bodyguards and yayas, and the controversialmicrowave. Gretchen defended herself by saying that she wasn't trying to showoff and that she brought everything she needed so that she won't bother anyonewith her needs.

The two tried to patch things up quietly, but still, word gotout. Gretchen suspected Dawn of leaking it to the media.

Both was said to have quit the Regal Films project.

"Ako, wala naman akong problema ever since—as long as thescript is good, maayos ang schedules, and maganda ‘yong role ko—why not, di ba?I don't have a problem with any of my co-workers kasi wala naman akong nagingproblema sa industriya na may nakaaway ako," says Ruffa.

The Philippines'Next Top Model host is a friend to both parties and has remained neutral.

She adds, "You know, I wanna be professional and always getalong with my co-workers, so kahit sino ilagay ni Mother doon, okay lang saakin."

Now that the movie might push through, who does she think issuitable to complete the cast?

"I don't know, but maraming different names that came uppero siyempre inuuna ko naman ‘yong mga friends ko like Charlene [Gonzalez],Lucy [Torres], Rufa Mae [Quinto]. Pero siyempre it depends on what the role is.Baka mamaya 'pag lahat ng friends ko, 20 na kaming Desperate Housewives! So,we'll see what happens. I think they want Direk Joel Lamangan na to direct it,"answers Ruffa.


In an interview with The Buzz last March 11—where Ruffa temporarily replaced Kris Aquino as co-host—Gretchen wasasked if she's willing to give the movie another try.

"I don't know," said La Greta.

If Dawn were to be replaced, Gretchen said thather friends Rufa Mae Quinto or Joyce Jimenez could fill in.





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