Bayaw will be shown uncut at the CCP, July 21

Paolo Rivero (left) and Janvier Daily are brothers-in-law who develop a close bond in Bayaw. This erotic indie film is one of the entries competing for the first Cinemalaya-NETPAC Award to be given out in the Philippines.

Monti Parungao, the director behind the digital film Sagwan, returns to the entertainment scene with his second feature film titled Bayaw. Direk Monti describes this indie film as a movie that combines action, mystery, and suspense with the gay genre. The film stars GAWAD Urian nominee Paolo Rivero together with comebacking actor Janvier Daily.

The uncut version of Bayaw will be screened as part of the 5th edition of the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival. The world premiere will take place on July 21, 2009 at the CCP Little Theater (9 pm).

Bayaw is one of the films shortlisted by a screening committee to take part in the first Cinemalaya-NETPAC World Cinema competition to be judged by a panel of jurors from across the region. The Cinemalaya-NETPAC World Cinema competition is a sidebar competition formed by CCP to cater to independent producers who will premiere their films during the festival. This is a separate category from the ten full-length entries that were granted funding by the Cinemalaya organization.

SYNOPSIS. Bayaw is a story about the bond formed between two men who are brothers-in-law. Nilo Vergara (Paolo Rivero) is a policeman who leads an ordinary life with his wife, Pia Jacinto (played by Kaye Alipio, a castaway in Survivor Philippines). Their lives take an unfortunate turn when Nilo loses his badge because of a frame up. Now out of a job, he is forced to depend solely on Pia for his needs. The wife becomes burdened and resentful of the responsibility of taking care of her husband and her young brother, Rhennan (Janvier Daily).

One day, Rhennan witnesses Nilo accidentally killing Pia after a heated argument. The two men decide to run from the law and become fugitives. As the story progresses, the real events behind the death of Pia is slowly revealed through flashbacks and shifts in character point-of-views.

Bayaw also introduces new indie actor, Andrew Miguel, the star of the recent controversial straight-to-video release titled Fresh Man. He is also a product of a Laurice Guillen special acting workshop held recently.

In Bayaw, Andrew plays Erick Cana, the mysterious character who saves the two brothers-in-law during the most unlikely times. His devious and sometimes mischievous intentions complicate the lives of the two lead actors but his connection to Nilo and Rhennan is finally revealed at the end of the movie.

Visually edgy and groundbreaking, Bayaw is ultimately a deep look into the unique and complex relationship of two brothers-in-law that borders between family ties, brotherhood, camaraderie and love.

Produced by Climax Films, Bayaw is scheduled to have its theatrical release this August at Robinsons Galleria IndieSine.



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