Little Boy Big Boy will premiere on August 5

(From left) Paolo Rivero, Renz Valerio, and Douglas Robinson star in Little Boy/Big Boy. Direk Jay Altarejos describes his film as an "adult gay-drama with lots of sensitive scenes, heart-warming moments and insights on relationships—gay or straight." It will open in Robinsons cinemas starting August 5, 2009.

After a year of absence, Joselito "Jay" Altarejos returns to the indie scene with his new film, Little Boy/Big Boy, which tackles a gay man's love, passion and search for happiness.

Direk Jay was behind the films Ang Lihim ni Antonio and Ang Lalake sa Parola.

This new gay indie film stars Douglas Robinson in his most sensitive performance; Paolo Rivero, today's hottest indie actor; and child actor Renz Valerio, produced by Digital VIVA and Beyond The Box Productions.

Direk Jay wrote in his personal blog: "I think Little Boy/Big Boy is the most relatable of all the digital films I've done. The story might have happened to anyone—gay or otherwise. A very simple film that subtly creeps and appeals to one's emotions.

"Surprisingly, Douglas Robinson, as Tim, gave a very sincere and felt portrayal of a lover who thought he was betrayed by his partner Raymond, played by Paolo Rivero.

"All I can say is, it is well photographed. Renz Valerio has emerged as the 'biggest boy' among the three lead characters in the said film. Renz plays Zach, Paolo's nephew, whose appearance in Paolo's life has changed the latter's lifestyle.

"Renz, a mainstay of Batang Bibbo in GMA-7 and who was Robin Padilla's son in Joaquin Bordado, amazed me and the rest of the staff while working for this film," narrates Direk Jay.

Little Boy/Big Boy will have its regular run starting this Wednesday, August 5, at Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas, Robinsons Place in Malate, and Robinsons Sta. Lucia in Marikina.

Three lives cross paths in this film: a young gay professional, his lover, and his nephew.

Little Boy/Big Boy tells the tale of the carefree soul of a freelance graphic artist, Raymund (Paolo Rivero), and how he is filled with doubts as he is suddenly confronted with the responsibility to look after his seven-year-old nephew, Zack (Renz Valerio).

While taking care of his nephew, he meets a closeted young man named Tim (Douglas Robinson), and the two fall in love. He educates his new lover about the importance of accepting oneself, especially at a time when prejudice against gays is still accepted as the norm. The film also tackles opposing views on fidelity in the homosexual set-up. And it shows a gay man's capacity to nurture; and how the homosexual is not just an organism of pleasure, but also a catalyst for unconditional love.

Under the direction of Joselito Altarejós and written by Lex Bonife, Little Boy/Big Boy takes a look into the lives of many young Filipino gay men today. How they've come a long way, and how they're slowly getting there.

It stars Paolo Rivero as Raymund, Douglas Robinson as Tim, and Renz Valerio as Zach.






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