Carlo J. Caparas directs Pangarap Kong Jackpot trilogy

Pangarap Kong Jackpot, directed by Carlo J. Caparas,will be released this September, in time for the 75th anniversary of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office. Manny Pacquiao, Eddie Garcia, Gina Pareño, Tommy Abuel, Joel Torre, Pen Medina, Jake Cuenca, Mark Herras, BaronGeisler and Megan Young are all part of this three-part film.

Carlo J. Caparas makes his directorial comeback after helming the movie Chavit (The Chavit Singson Story) in 2003. In his upcoming film titled Pangarap Kong Jackpot trilogy, he gathers veteran stars Eddie Garcia, Gina PareƱo, Tommy Abuel, Joel Torre and Pen Medina together with rising young stars Jake Cuenca, Mark Herras, Baron Geisler and Megan Young. The People's Champ, Manny Pacquiao, will also topbill this feature film.

Direk Carlo recently presented the stars of the film in a press conference held recetenly at the Best Western Hotel in Makati City. "You have seen Manny Pacquiao, the boxer. Now, see Manny Pacquiao, the dramatic actor," said the director who recently became controversial after he was named as a National Artist for Visual Arts and Film.

Pangarap Kong Jackpot also features the children of Carlo J. and Donna Villa--CJ and Peach--who agreed to appear in a film project for the first time.

Carlo J. and his wife Donna thanked the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) for supporting their new project, saying the agency helped a lot in the research of materials used in the development of the script.

Pangarap Kong Jackpot will be released in time for the PCSO's year-long celebration of its 75th anniversary this September.

This movie features three stories of despondent men and women who, through the help of friends and loved ones, did not allow poverty and squalor to dampen their quest for success.

In a story titled "Sa Ngalan ng Busabos," Manny Pacquiao stars as Abel, a street urchin who was forced to a life of crime at a tender age. He yearned to get rid of his evil ways only after he found a foster family who treated him as one of their own.

Direk Carlo pointed out: "Manny's character has his shares of drama and action in the movie since he, as Abel, has to protect his newfound family from the dangers of gangs in their community while struggling to decipher the good and the bad in his personality."

Eddie Garcia, on the other hand, plays the lead role in the story titled "Hiwaga ni Lolo Hugo," which is about a house caretaker who lives in a mansion believed to be haunted by evil spirits. The story behind the haunted mansion was unerathed only after a group of teenagers made a bet among themselves on who could stay in the house the longest.

The final episode titled "Hawak Kita, Hawak Mo Ko," Jake Cuenca and Megan Young share the lead roles as outcasts who fate intertwined after a chance encounter while both trying to end their lives.

"Jake is a serious actor who is very good at both drama and action. This kid will definitely go places someday," observes Direk Carlo. "In fact, all the young stars in this movie have proven their mettle in acting. I just hope they would be given more projects in the future to further hone their craft."






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