Meryl Streep and Amy Adams star in upcoming comedy Julie & Julia

MerylStreep (top frame) plays Julia Child while Amy Adams is cast as writer Julie Powell in NoraEphron's comedy Julie & Julia.

MerylStreep is Julia Child and Amy Adams is writer Julie Powell in NoraEphron's comedy Julie & Julia from Columbia Pictures.

BeforeIna, before Rachael, before Emeril, there was Julia, the woman whoforever changed the way America cooks. But in 1948, Julia Child(Streep) was just an American woman living in France. Her husband's job has brought them to Paris, and with her indefatigable spirit, she yearned for something to do.

Fifty years later, Julie Powell (Adams) is stuck. Pushing30, living in Queens and working in a cubicle as her friends achievestunning successes, she seizes on a seemingly insane plan to focus herenergies. Julie decides to spend exactly a year cooking all 524 recipes in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking (which Child co-wrote with Louise Bertholle and Simone Beck)--and write a blog about her experiences.

Director-writer-producerNora Ephron seamlessly melds these two remarkable true stories into acomedy that proves that if you have the right combination of passion,obsession, and butter, you can change your life and achieve your dreams.

"It'sabout love, it's about marriage, it's about changing your life," saysEphron of the themes that motivated her to make Julie & Julia. "I'm obsessed with food, but there were at least eight other reasonswhy I had to do it, like doing things you care about and findinghappiness through that."

"Bothstories were going to be about marriage and food, two things thatcertainly go together in most people's lives," says Ephron. "Whenyou're in the romantic comedy business, the movie ends when people say‘Will you marry me?' It's very rare to find something about whathappens next, where you've got two equally smart people in arelationship who adore each other. It's one of the reasons I thinkMeryl was completely drawn to the movie."

Streepand Adams agreed that Ephron's screenplay got at something elementalabout the soul-edifying and appetite-satisfying journey of these twowomen. On set, she took to bringing the script to life with plenty ofpassion and grit herself. "She has such a personal attachment to thesecharacters," says Adams. "She really fights for them, so whenever Iwas stuck with something, I could always turn to her. Nora is also oneof the best people to go out to dinner with, because she knows exactlywhat to order so you get a wonderful dining experience!"


Streepis in awe of Ephron's ability to weave humor into her movie's themes."Her deftness as a writer is a great gift, how secretly she sneaks inwhat she's talking about," says Streep. "There's subtlety in the humor,so that the film is very, very funny but it doesn't set out to have anyjokes. You laugh with these people, but you feel for them as well, andit's a great thing she was able to do."

Openingsoon across the Philippines, Julie & Julia is distributed byColumbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational.





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