Megan Fox topbills hot teen comedy Jennifer's Body

The hot teen comedy Jennifer's Body will be screened in Metro Manila starting October 28, 2009.

From Oscar winner screenwriter Diablo Cody, who came up with the highly acclaimed comedy Juno, comes her latest highly original dark teencomedy titled Jennifer's Body starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried.

In the movie, Megan Fox is the lusciously sexy Jenniferand Amanda Seyfried is her intelligent but insecure best friend Needy. Jennifer's Body tells the story of two small town girls who have been bestfriends for life even though they have nothing in common except their historytogether. While Jennifer is the ultimate high school sex symbol; dark, exoticand gorgeous, and a magnet for the male population of their town, Devil'sKettle, Needy, as her name suggests, is a plain and bookish girl who isdominated by her beautiful friend.

The riveting unique blend of horror, comedy anddrama started when the two girls attended a concert at the local bar and thelead singer of the band ‘Low Shoulder' (Adam Brody) embarked on a satanic ritualwith Jennifer as his unsuspecting victim. The horrific act goes horribly wrong and the result is that Jenniferturns into a cannibalistic, boy-eating zombie. No young male is safe from herclutches. Inextricably entangled in the bloody aftermath, Needy tries to saveher friend, the boys in town, her own boyfriend and herself.

DiabloCody reveals in the following Q&A interesting scenes to look forward to in Jennifer's Body.

Q: What isthe film about?

A: "Thisfilm is about a teenage girl who becomes a cannibal and feeds on boys. Her bestfriend is the prototypical good girl who has to stop her. It is really a morality play. I think it goesbeyond the typical horror comedy because there a lot of profound themes aboutgrowing up, femininity and the hostility between young women that is, in myopinion, nurtured and stoked by the media. I think that the relationships between girls are so complex andoccasionally frightening that the subject lent itself to a cool, thinking man'shorror movie."


Q: Is itsaying anything particular about boys and men?

A: "No notat all. I love men but the film is aboutyoung girls. I feel that young girls are starving in different ways--sometimesliterally. This hungry teenage girl is saying, ‘You know what? I'm tired ofdieting. Not only am I going to eat, I'm going to feast on some spleen.' It isabout the pressures on women."

Q: What doyou think that the two leading female actors bring to their roles?

A: "Meganwas an obvious choice. What is so fascinating about her is that yes, she'sextremely beautiful, but she almost reminds me of James Dean or Steve McQueenfor she has great charisma and coolness. There is not a whiff of insecurity about that girl. She was perfect forJennifer because the character has to be powerful. The amazing thing about Amanda is that sheis an incredibly talented actress and she's funny in a very understated way."

Q: Can youdiscuss the relationship between the girls?

A: "I thinkthat most people have had a friend since childhood and will be able to identifywith this relationship. You often get toa certain age and find out that you no longer have anything in common with yourfriend and yet you somehow maintain the friendship because it is so old. Samehere. You see a classic power strugglebetween these girls; there is the ‘hot' one and the friend. It is a toxic relationship."

Q: Can you talk about the sexual friction between the girls?

A: "I justlove the fact that there really is sexual chemistry between Needy and Jenniferand you see it at a couple of points throughout the film. It's definitelybuilding during the film. That scene plays out between the girls and it's notexploitative (well it was exploitative actually) but I wrote it that way. I'm abig fan of exploitation films to be honest, a big fan. I want to see those girls kiss. Yeah, and it is hot."


Q: What wasyour high school experience like?

A: "Iactually loved high school but I was just a little weirdo. I didn't fit intoany specific social group. I was bookishand quirky and surrounded by budding glamour girls who always made me feelinferior."

Q: How didyou manage to be so in tune with teenage language, in both Juno and Jennifer's Body?

A: "In a lotof ways teenagers are my muses. I just think that the teenage years are sointeresting because everything is heightened. Emotions and relationships aremore intense. Friendships always seem like a matter of life and death. I likewriting this kind of dialogue because conversations between sixteen year oldsare much more interesting than the conversations between thirty year olds."

Q: Howrewarding is the success you have achieved?

A: "It isnice to make money. That is always agood thing and it has given me the freedom to travel. I never saw the worlduntil I wrote Juno. I've been everywhere and that's incredible. But there is really no upside to fame atall."

Q: What areyour dreams?

A: "Oh mygosh. You know my dreams have already come true. But personally I would like toride every rollercoaster in the United States. That's my biggest hobby. I wouldalso like to direct a horror movie."

Diablo Cody also serves as the executive producer of Jennifer's Body. In 2004, she authored the criticallyacclaimed memoir Candy Girl. She won 18 awards for her debut screenplay Juno, including an Independent Spirit Award and the Oscar for Best OriginalScreenplay. She is also a columnist forthe US magazine Entertainment Weekly. Recently, she wrote and co-created theAmerican TV series, The United States of Tara for executive producer StevenSpielberg, starring Emmy nominee Toni Collette.

Jennifer's Body
opens October 28 in Metro Manila from 20thCentury Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.





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