Suspense-thriller Whiteout will open on September 16

Gabriel Macht (top frame) plays U.N. investigator Robert Pryce while Alex O'Loughlin is cast as a pilot named Russell Haden in the Kate Beckinsale-starrer Whiteout. This suspense-thriller will open in cinemas starting September 16, 2009.

Joining Kate Beckinsale in her Antarctica adventure in Warner Bros.' new, gripping thriller Whiteout are two promising actors—Gabriel Macht (The Spirit) and Alex O'Loughlin (The Invisible, TV's Moonlight).

In the film, Carrie Stetko's (Beckinsale) tenure as the lone U.S. Marshal in Antarctica has been not only harsh but uneventful. In three days, when the station powers down and the sun sets for the long winter, she'll be getting out; leaving the place for good and turning in her badge for a new life. But when a body is discovered in the no-man's land on the open ice, Stetko is plunged into a shocking mystery. Bizarrely battered and miles from camp, the dead man is Antarctica's first homicide victim and Stetko's first real challenge in a long time.

Macht plays U.N. investigator Robert Pryce, who has been sent to help expedite the case and control the flow of information about the crime-the first of its kind in a continent with no central government, loosely controlled by a multi-national treaty. In many ways, Pryce could prove to be the right man in the right place. But from Stetko's point of view, his arrival only means that she now has something else she wasn't looking for: a partner.

Says Macht, "Pryce offers his help but finds her disinterested to the point of hostility. From that beginning, it's interesting to see how he attempts to gain her trust. What develops is a kind of cat-and-mouse element between them that mirrors the cat-and-mouse of their tracking the killer."

Producer Susan Downey explains, "She's not sure what to make of him. He appears unannounced on site and essentially forces his way into the case. It seems to her that an awful lot of high level attention is being focused upon the death of one unremarkable geologist."

Director Donimic Sena points out, "Pryce has an interesting background, too, some of which is high-level military, but he keeps his history as close to the vest as Stetko does. Gabriel lets the details emerge subtly in a way that seems very natural for that kind of a personality."

Meanwhile, O'Loughlin plays pilot Russell Haden who spends his off-hours drinking and pulling harmless pranks like a frat boy—an understandable tension release after pushing himself and his plane to the limit. The actor admits, "He's a pretty audacious personality. He has a lot of energy and confidence, and is a bit of a smartass. He does okay with the ladies, although not with Carrie, and rather than be discouraged by that unfortunate fact, he just tries harder and more shamelessly every chance he gets."

"Alex was a real find, such a natural, charismatic actor," says Sena. "A good portion of his dialogue was ad-libbed." To which O'Loughlin responds, "The role called for a cheeky Aussie pilot. I thought, ‘I don't know how to fly but I'm a cheeky Aussie,' so I figured I could handle it."

Opening across the Philippines on September 16, Whiteout is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.






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