Michael V and Ogie Alcasid want to veer away from Yaya and Angelina characters

Michael V. (left) and Ogie Alcasid bring theirfamous television characters, Yaya and Angelina, to the big screen via Spoiled Brat the Movie. This joint venture of GMA Films and APT Entertainment will premiere on September 23, 2009.

"Whatever, you are such a loser!"

Not even comedian Michael V. could havepredicted the impact of such phrase when they were conceptualizing a spoiled brat kid bullying her unassuming nanny.

But the parody spread so fast that the characters Yaya(portrayed by Michael V.) and Angelina (Ogie Alcasid) became an instant national phenomenon on the verge of breaking outinternationally thanks mainly of course to the Internet.

"Siyempre you're always hoping to make ahit out of your characters and ideas," Michael V. told PEP (PhilippineEntertainment Portal). "But as far as yong extent ng success based sa reactionng audience hindi mo na masasabi ‘yon. So, kahit kami nagulat sa naging receptionng mga tao kay Yaya and Angelina."

First seen as a segment in the longestrunning comedy gag show, Bubble Gang,Yaya and Angelina soon broke out of the Friday evening mold to invade dailytelevision viewing through the local franchise of the Japanese game show, Hole in the Wall, seen also on GMA-7.

But the Yaya and Angelina proved too big,too hilarious to be confined on the boob tube that GMA Films and APTEntertainment decided to join forces to deliver, Spoiled Brat the Movie—a project meant to maximize the characters alongwith their respective peculiarities.

BIGGERLAUGHS. Themovie promises to deliver more crazy antics and hilarious misadventures notwitnessed before on television.

"Since this is a full length moviedevoted entirely to the characters, mas maraming puwedeng ipakita sila Yaya andAngelina," revealed director Mike Tuviera.

The film aims to highlight manycatfights between the two lead characters, which are distinct hallmarks of the entire dynamicsof Yaya and Angelina relationship.

But more interesting are the slew ofquestions that the movie aims to answer.

"We want to present the background ofthe two characters," said Direk Mike with a smile. "Hindi naman kasi siyempre na-explore ‘yonwhen they first appeared to the public via BubbleGang."


Questions the films hopes to shed lighton are: How did Yaya and Angelina even meet? Is there another side to thespoiled brat Angelina? Who are the famous stars tapped to do cameo roles? Whatkind of misadventures will crop up, instigated mainly by Angelina?"

SOCIALCOMMENTARY.Aside from offering comic relief, the film hopes to impart important life lessons directedparticularly to parents who are too busy and preoccupied to personally attendto their children's needs.

"Parang social commentary kasi ito,"mentioned Michael V., complete with the traditional Bisaya accent commonly usedin depicting Pinoy nannies and house helpers.

"Nanggaling sa direktor namin sa Bubble Gang [ang concept]. Sabi niya naiinis siya kasiyong mga bata masyadong umaasa sa mga yaya kasi napapabayaan ng mga magulang.Kaya sa mga magulang huwag ninyo naman pabayaan mga anak ninyo at iasa lang sayaya. Sa mga yaya naman, maging responsable naman kayo sa mga alaga ninyo."

Bitoy (Michael V.) also announced that the film project is the last time that he and Ogie will be portraying Yaya and Angelina. This makes the film a must-see swan song. They will no longer be playing Yaya and Angelina on Bubble Gang since they want to come up with fresh characters.

Joining the tandem of Ogie and Michael Vare Aiko Melendez, Jomari Yllana, Iza Calzado, Sheena Halili, Victor Aliwalas,Jojo Alejar, Roxanne Guinoo, Pekto Nacua, John Feir and Leo Martinez.

Yayaand Angelina (Spoiled Brat the Movie) will open in cinemas on September 23.





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