See empowered women in All About Steve and Amelia

Two-timeAcademy Award winner Hilary Swank portrays the famous female pilot Amelia Earhart in the upcoming movie Amelia.

In today'sfilmdom reverberating with so much glitz, Sandra Bullock and Hilary Swank playit vanity-free in their upcoming respective movies All About Steve and Amelia.

Sandra Bullock stars in All About Steve opposite Hangover's BradleyCooper. This hilarious tale is of awoman named Mary Horowitz (Bullock), a cruciverbalist (crossword puzzleconstructor) who after falling hard for a guy named Steve (Cooper), thinksthey're an item, on the other hand, he thinks she's stalking him.

For Mary, nothing is typical, especiallyrelationships--her brain spins at warp speed with an endless stream of arcaneinformation. She can come up with theperfect word--and dozens with the same meaning, but normal behavior eludesher. Mary, who just knows she's foundher soul mate, decides to do anything and go anywhere to be with him. She begins to pursue Steve relentlessly ashe crisscrosses the country, covering breaking news stories.

Bullocksays getting into character wasn't always easy. "At first, I didn't know whom to model Mary after, so I had tostart taking pieces of people whom I knew," she recalls. "I took a three and a half year old. I took Kim Barker, our writer. I took myself at my most amped andmanic. Then I just pieced it alltogether."

Two-timeAcademy Award winner Hilary Swank is garbed as one of the most celebratedempowered woman of all time in the biopic Amelia co-starring Ewan McGregor,Richard Gere and Christopher Eccleston. The movie aviates when in the summer of 1937, Amelia Earheart (Swank)set off on her most daunting mission yet: a solo flight around the world thatshe and George (Gere) both anxiously foresaw as destined, whatever the outcome,to become one of the most talked-about journeys in history.

After becoming the first woman to fly acrossthe Atlantic, Amelia was thrusted into a new role as America's sweetheart--thelegendary "goddess of light," known for her bold, larger-than-lifecharisma. She became an inspiration topeople everywhere, from First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt to the men closest to herheart: her husband, promoter and publishing magnate George P. Putnam, and herlong time friend and lover, pilot Gene Vidal (McGregor).


Swank, known for her unconventionalchoices in her roles shared the following thoughts in a recent interview withKatie Krause of "She's an inspiration, she's ahead of hertime and a style icon. She did so muchto help women and women's rights. Itwas a great honor to play the role."

Pioneering acts of empowered womenin All About Steve and Amelia will soon hit local theaters from 20thCentury Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.





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