Korean Film Festival extends screening up to Oct. 6

Sa-kwa, a romantic film directed by Kang Yi-wan, was the Filipino audience's favorite film in the Korean Film Festival, which will run in Shangri-La Plaza Cineplex 3 up to October 6, 2009.

The Embassy of the Republicof Korea in the Philippines is extending the 2009 Korean Film Festival up to October 6 as a result of its successful first week run in Shangri-La Plaza Cineplex 3 in Mandaluyong City.

Held tocelebrate the 60th year anniversary of the Philippines-Korea diplomaticrelations, the Korean Film Festival aims to show Korean cinemas which havegained international acclaim for its uniqueness and diversity over the past twodecades. While Korean soap operas are already wildly popular in the Philippines, itis also hoped that there will be a more open cultural relationshipbetween the Filipinos and Koreans through an appreciation for film.

The festival, whichstarted last September 23, was still well-attended despite the inclement weather. Even though "Typhoon Ondoy" had been flooding MetroManila during the weekend showing, Shangri-laPlaza still recorded anaverage of 72% utilization of Cineplex 3 during the festival run.

This year's FilmFest includes some of the most widely-acclaimed Korean films in the pastdecade. Park Chan-wook's Oldboy, anaction film that was awarded the Grand Prix in the 2004 Cannes FilmFestival, was one of the well-attended films in the festival. Kang Yi-wan's Sa-kwa, on the other hand, was the audience favorite due to its romantic theme.

Other filmsinclude Barking Dogs Never Bite,a dark comedy directed by Bong Joon-ho, who also directed Memories of Murder in 2003 and The Hostin 2006; the drama film Beyondthe Years, directed by Im Kwon-Taek; TheShow Must Go On, another drama film directed by Han Jae-rim which won theBest Picture Award and Best Actor award for Song Kang-ho at the 28th Blue Dragon Film Awards in November 2007;Forbidden Quest, a historical comedydirected by Kim Dae-woo; and Drivingwith My Wife's Lover, a drama film directed by Kim Tai-sik, which was shownin the 2007 Sundance International Film Festival, the 2007 International FilmFestival in Rotterdam and the 2007 Belgrade international Film Festival.

The Korea-Philippines CulturalFoundation, Inc. and Shangri-LaPlaza are festival co-sponsors.


SCHEDULE. Sept. 30, Wednesday. 2 p.m. Sa-kwa. / 5 p.m. Oldboy./ 8p.m. Barking Dogs Never Bite.

Oct. 1, Thursday. 2 p.m. Forbidden Quest. / 5 p.m. Driving With My Wife's Lover./ 8 p.m. The Show Must Go On.

Oct. 2, Friday. 2 p.m. Beyond the Years. / 5 p.m. Sa-kwa. / 7 p.m. Forbidden Quest.

Oct. 3, Saturday. 2 p.m. Barking Dogs Never Bite. / 5 p.m. The Show Must Go On./ 8 p.m. Oldboy.

Oct. 4, Sunday. 2 p.m. Driving With My Wife's Lover. / 5 p.m. Forbidden Quest./ 8 p.m. Sa-kwa.

Oct. 5, Monday. 2 p.m. The Show Must Go On. / 5 p.m. Oldboy. / 7 p.m. Beyond the Years.

Oct. 6, Tuesday. 2 p.m. Oldboy. / 5 p.m. Barking Dogs Never Bite. / 7 p.m. Driving With My Wife's Lover.





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