All About Steve will open on November 4

Korean-American comic Ken Jeong (kneeling) works with Bradley Cooper in All About Steve. This upcoming romantic comedy stars Sandra Bullock as a woman who stalks the news cameraman played by Bradley.

BreakoutKorean-American comic Ken Jeong whom audiences have recently seen as theraucous mob boss in The Hangover joins Sandra Bullock in All AboutSteve, a feel-good comedy of unexpected trysts and turns.

Themovie follows an eccentric but brilliant crossword-maker, Mary (Sandra Bullock) who stalks Steve (Bradley Cooper), a news cameraman across thecountry after they've gone on one date. Jeong takes on the character of Angus McCormack, a news field producerwho has been smacked in the middle of Mary and Steve's cat and mousechase.

For therole of harried field producer Angus McCormack, Sandra Bullock who produces themovie cast comedian/actor Ken Jeong, whose standout role in the JuddApatow-directed comedy smash Knocked Up impressed her. "Jeong continued to make audiences laughwith his roles in the Apatow-produced Pineapple Express and Step Brothers,as well as in the comedy hit Role Models and the recent smash TheHangover, in which he played the part of a crazed crime boss," Sandra says.

All AboutSteve'
soffbeat comic sensibilities appealed to Jeong,whose fresh-faced field news reporter Angus doesn't quite fit in with veteransHartman and Steve. "They treat Anguspretty much like an intern," says Jeong with a laugh. "Angus desperately tries to fit in with them, often to disastrousresults."

Jeongnotes that he was as attracted to the film's theme as well as its humor. "It has a universal message about beingcomfortable with what you are, and I think that resonates with almosteveryone," he notes.

Jeong along with Thomas Haden Church and BradleyCooper play partners in field reporting. They settled quickly into an easy,bantering off-screen relationship, which was often reflected on camera. Theirimmediate chemistry was not lost on the actors. "I don't know how they did it,but Phil, Sandy and Mary definitely got three people who jelled right away,"says Cooper. "It was a blast and [director] Phil let that play itself out on film." The actors' uncensored, testosterone-fueled bits occasionallyenhanced the scripted dialogue.


Ken Jeongis quickly establishing himself as the go-to character actor for today's hitcomedies. Since his feature film debutas the doctor in Knocked Up in 2007, Jeong has gone on to a number ofmemorable roles in a series of successful comedies. He was also seen in Role Models, Pineapple Express and StepBrothers.

Jeong'scareer path started off on a different course. He earned his undergraduate degree at Duke University and went on toattain his medical degree at the University of North Carolina. Jeong completed his Internal Medicine residencein New Orleans, all the while developing his comedy. In 1995, Jeong won the Big Easy Laff Off. The competition, which was judged by formerNBC President Brandon Tartikoff and Improv founder Bud Friedman, turned out tobe his big break as Tartikoff and Friedman urged Jeong to head to Los Angeles.

Once inLos Angeles, Jeong began performing regularly at the Improv and Laugh Factory,and was seen on a number of television shows including The Office, Entourage,and MADtv. In 2006 Jeong andfellow comedian Mike O'Connell also left a mark on YouTube, as "Million DollarStrong," a spoof rap duo. Since thevideo's posting in 2006, the video has garnered over one million views and Jeongand O'Connell have been tapped by MTV Films to write and star in the filmversion.

All AboutSteve
from 20th CenturyFox opens November 4 in theaters and is distributed by Warner Bros.





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