Derek Ramsay found it difficult to shoot love scene on a beach

Derek Ramsay and Angelica Panganiban shot a love scene on a beach for their Metro Manila Film Fest entry I Love You, Goodbye. CLICK HERE to learn more about this year’s MMFF entries.

Real-life lovers Derek Ramsay and Angelica Panganiban encountered a lot of firsts in Star Cinema’s I Love You, Goodbye: their first ever onscreen team-up, their first try at a cinematic love scene, and first-take of their controversial scenes.

During his solo press conference for the movie last December 11, Derek revealed how he got carried away while shooting passionate scenes with Angelica.

"I’ve always felt like working with Angel is a lot harder kasi I’m not used to seeing her being somebody else. And siyempre, I get carried away," he said with a laugh. "Sometimes when [I’m] working with Angel and it’s a love scene, I kind of forget that the camera’s there."

Derek added that he’s more accustomed to seeing "Angel being Angel."

Did he feel nervous at any time while filming the love scenes? "Sobra," he answered. "I don’t know why. Pati si Angel, sobrang natakot siya. Pero noong nag-action na si Direk, one take," he revealed.

"It’s really, really sexy," he continued. "I just watched it last week when I dubbed, and napa-stare talaga ako. It looks good. At the time we’re doing it, it was very difficult and you’ll understand why," he said, keeping mum on the actual number of love scenes between him and Angelica in the movie.

With further prodding from the entertainment press, Derek finally gave in and revealed some details about their sexy scenes. "Pinaka-mahirap yung sa beach," he revealed. "Basta makikita niyo na lang. One take for each angle. Kasi talagang ang hirap, e. We were under a time constraint, so talagang, get it right. [Direk Laurice] just said, use your environment, use the wind, use the waves. And that’s nothing I’ve ever heard from any of my directors. Use everything around you."


While filming, director Laurice Guillen lost her husband, actor Johnny Delgado, to cancer. Derek said he really admires the strength and professionalism that she showed despite her grief. "She is such a strong woman. After the burial, she was working the next day. I didn’t know what to expect. She was professional, she was strong."

Moreover, Derek shared how Direk Laurice made him cry for eight hours during a workshop that he had with her. "I knew that I was in good hands and na wala akong problema, kasi she’s really good and she’ll bring the best out of you. And she’ll tell you. Kaya kapag nakaka-one take ako kay Direk, I’m really proud of myself. Kasi hindi papayag ’yon pag hindi okay."

I Love You, Goodbye also stars veteran actor Gabby Concepcion and teen actress Kim Chui.

I LOVE YOU, GOODBYE. In the film, Derek’s character, Gary, finds himself still deeply in love with his ex-flame Leizelle (Angelica), with whom he has shared a past he can’t let go of. Through some twist of fate, Gary meets Ysa (Kim), a wealthy young girl who later on introduces Gary to her family. He soon finds out that Leizelle is currently involved in a relationship with Ysa’s father, Adrian (Gabby).

"Iiyak ka dito, pero ibang klaseng iyak," he said of the film. "You’ll learn how to respect people around you more."

Derek added that he considers I Love You, Goodbye as his best work yet. "From all the work I’ve done, this is on the top of the list. Angel and I worked really, really hard. Sana manalo siya ng Best Actress ’cause she really deserves it."

On working with Angelica for the first time, Derek said that they treated their scenes as though each of them was just any other actor or actress. "We arrived at the set in different cars. We’re very professional about our job," he told the members of the press.


ON BEING PARTNERED WITH KIM. I Love You, Goodbye sees Kim Chiu taking on a more mature and antagonistic role as she clings on to Derek’s character. This is also her first acting role without onscreen partner Gerald Anderson. How does Derek find the young actress?

"Makaulit! Makulit si Kim," he replied before narrating how he had nicknamed her "Alcon."

When he arrived on the set one time with noticeable red eyes, Derek said he immediately borrowed a bottle of eye drops called Alcon. After that, Kim repeatedly recited the brand name like a broken record.

"So now I call her Alcon, and it’s really an inside joke for us," he explained. "She’s a very promising actress. Parang effortless yung pag-[trato] niya sa trabaho niya. Marunong makisundo sa lahat ng nga artista. Whether it’s Gabby, whether it’s me, whether it’s Angel. Lahat kasundo niya sa set."

Derek described he relationship with Kim’s character in the movie. "We have some sort of relationship, and it’s kinda hard for Kim, but she did a great job with it. Kasi medyo mataray and matigas ’yung role niya dito, e. Pero look at Kim’s face. She’s adorable. She’s like a little sweetheart, right? She looks like she’s vulnerable," he observed.

However, when it comes to executing dramatic lines, Derek said Kim’s acting is spot-on. With a laugh, he said, "Nakakatakot pala siyang magalit."

Should audiences expect a kiss between Gary and Ysa?

"Abangan n’yo na lang," he replied with a laugh.

I Love You, Goodbye is Star Cinema’s official entry to the 35th Metro Manila Film Festival. It opens in cinemas on Christmas Day, December 25.

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