Babe, I Love You will have international screenings this April

The first movie of Anne Curtis and Sam Milby, Babe I Love You, will have international screenings this April 2010. This Star Cinema film will be screened in San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Seattle, Los Angeles and Guam.

Directed by Mae Cruz, the Star Cinema film Babe, I Love You focuses on the story of two individuals who never thought that love can blossom right at the middle of their two opposite worlds and that a seemingly cat-dog relationship can turn into an intimate affair.

In real life, Sam Milby and Anne Curtis admit that they are just like that: they tend to have petty fights that sometimes extend to their shooting days so Direk Mae would take the initiative to talk to her lead stars so they would patch things up.

What preparations did Anne do before she did this movie?

"Yun ang preparation namin, hindi nagpapansinan!" said Anne in a previous interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal). "Pero sabi nga ni Direk Mae, nakikita niya sa monitor yung mga little nuances na, ’Naku, magkakabati rin ’tong dalawang ’to.’"

Completing the cast are Nikki Valdez, Guji Lorenzana, Tetchie Agbayani, AJ Perez, Megan Young, Thou Reyes, Kitkat, Nikki Bacolod, CJ Jaravata, Angel Sy, Cheska Ortega, Nina Dolino, Justin Gonzales, Joem Bascon, Nicole Uysieuseng, Leo Rialp, Roden Araneta and Laurice Guillen.

Regular Screenings

April 16-22 San Francisco
UA Stonestown Twin
April 16-22 San Diego
UA Horton Plaza
April 16-22 Las Vegas
Regal Village Square Stadium
April 30-May 6
Regal Dole Cannery Stadium 18
April 16-22
Parkway Plaza Stadium 12
April 16-22
Los Angeles
Cerritos Stadium Cinema
April 14-22
Micronesia Mall


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