Inspirational movie "Angels" premieres June 20 in theaters nationwide

Angel Locsin starred in and produced this three-part movie that cost around P20 million to make.

When Angel Locsin and her manager Becky Aguila were thinking of producing Angels, they talked to GMA-7’s senior vice president for entertainment Wilma Galvante to ask her advice. The network executive actually discouraged them from continuing with the project because she knew that it would be a very difficult feat to achieve.

Still, the two women felt strongly about the project so they decided to pursue the project. To date, the production cost of Angels has shot up to P20 million, which is beyond the budget allotted by Eagle Eye Entertainment Productions, Inc. Becky serves as executive producer while Angel serves as a producer along with two other investors.

During the June 14 press conference of Angels, the young actress-producer gave her insights about her newfound role. "Ang sarap-sarap pa rin maging artista. Pupunta ka sa set, aarte ka lang, bayad ka... Pero nagpapasalamat pa rin kami ni Tita Becky sa mga kasama namin sa produksyon, lahat ng nakikipag-cooperate, walang pasaway. Naging smooth ang takbo ng production," narrates Angel about the making of Angels.

The movie is divided into three parts, each with a different cast and a different director.

1st episode: "Angel of Mine"

Written by: Gina Marissa Tagasa

Directed by: Gina Alajar

Angie (Angel Locsin), a feisty police reporter, takes it upon herself to be a surrogate mother to Gelay (Eunice Lagusad), the orphaned daughter of her yaya. Angie has yet to repair her relationship with her alcoholic, irresponsible mother. She is now confronted with a dilemma—making a choice between a risky job or pursue a role she has never imagined for the sake of the poor Gelay.


Gelay teaches Angie not to be too hard on herself and that life is still beautiful outside her stressful job. Angie realizes how this cheerful little girl has affected her life. In the end, the callous Angie softens and even goes out of her way to repair her relationship with her mother.

2nd episode: "Angel of Love"

Written by: Gina Marissa Tagasa

Directed by: Mark Reyes

Kerubina, an angel assigned to prove that love defies personality differences and social status, engineers events for Bianang (Jennylyn Mercado), a poor but kind-hearted rock band singer, and Jude (Patrick Garcia), a rich lonely boy who likes classical music and everything sleek.

Call it serendipity, Jude and Bianang start falling in love in the most unexpected places and in the most peculiar situation. Kerubina succeeds in her mission and gets her silver star as a reward.

3rd episode: "Daddy’s Angel"

Written by: Agnes de Guzman and Gina Marissa Tagasa

Directed by: Dingdong Dantes

Ruben and Lennie are newlyweds whose lives are ruined by a group of criminals who gang-rape the bride. In his anger, Ruben kills one of the rapists, leading to an eight-year prison term. His wife Lennie dies while giving birth to their love child, Angelo. Ruben finds it difficult to love the child but he is won over by Angelo’s loving nature. When Ruben sees another rapist, he is faced with a choice: exact his revenge or fulfill a promise to Ruben. Which will he choose?

The three-part movie Angels will premiere on June 20 in theaters nationwide.






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