How would Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay and Cristine Reyes deal with an unfaithful partner?

(L-R) Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay and Cristine Reyes have a complicated love triangle in No Other Woman. Derek says about the love scenes with his leading ladies: "With Cristine, it was like making love and with Anne, it was just mad, passionate sex. It starts off as lust and dun na naging complicated...The love scenes are very, very intense pero hindi yun ang highlight ng movie."

The movie No Other Woman dares to ask tough questions about love and passion in a world filled with temptations. This co-production of Star Cinema and Viva Films also tackles themes of deceit and obsession.

When Ram Escaler (played by Derek Ramsay) meets Kara Zalderiaga (played by Anne Curtis), the chemistry between them ignites a steamy affair.

Things become complicated when the "other woman" develops feelings for the man who is married to the "perfect wife" Charmaine Escaler (played by Cristine Reyes).

Anne’s character is a carefree socialite who believes sexual relations should have no strings attached. Although she has many boyfriends, she is too emotionally detached to fall in love.

Ram is an ambitious furniture salesman who wants to step out of the shadows of his father-in-law and distinguish himself from his estranged father.

Meanwhile, Charmaine is the prim and proper wife who learns to fight back and maintain her "perfect" image.

Directed by Ruel Bayani, No Other Woman will have its premiere on September 27 while its regular run will begin on September 28, 2011.

When asked to compare the love scenes between his two leading ladies, Derek replied, "They’re both very, very beautiful. With Cristine, it was like making love and with Anne, it was just mad, passionate sex. It starts off as lust and dun na naging complicated...The love scenes are very, very intense pero hindi yun ang highlight ng movie."

Since the movie tackles third parties, would Anne and Cristine consider being a mistress?

Anne admitted, "I don’t think I can take being a mistress in real life. You mean magsasama sila sa bahay? Ang alam ko may knowledge na ang girl na may karelasyon pero hindi na lang nagsasalita pero yung magkasama sa isang bahay? For someone like me, that’s not the culture I grew up in. No, no, no. I’d like to know that I’m the only woman in my man’s life. There’s no other woman."

Cristine simply said, "Ako rin, hindi ko kakayanin."

DEALING WITH AN UNFAITHFUL PARTNER. To date, the lead stars of No Other Woman are all committed to their respective partners. Anne’s boyfriend is Erwan Heussaff, Derek is in a five-year relationship woth Angelica Panganiban while Cristine is the girlfriend of Rayver Cruz.

Since the plot of the movie involves infidelity and unfaithfulness, the stars were asked how they would act if they knew their partners were cheating on them.

Cristine revealed, "Pag nalaman ko na may iba siya, papipiliin ko siya kung sino sa aming dalawa. Kung pipiliin niya yung isa, okay lang. Ibig sabihin, hindi siya para sa akin. Kung ako pipiliin niya, kailangan niyang hiwalayan."

Will she take revenge on the cheating guy? Cristine quipped, "Hmmm...try ko lasunin kung kaya."

Derek said, "Would I kill? Kill myself siguro. Parang ayoko isipin ko yun ha. I don’t know what I’d be capable of. Siguro like Cristine, the best thing to do is choose: ask her to choose whether ako or yung isa. Mahirap yun, e, kasi I wouldn’t know if I’d be able to forgive after something like that. And if I do forgive, hindi ko makakalimutan, e.

"If you’re going to forgive, kailangan hindi mo na ibi-bring up yun for the relationship to work. Hindi ko alam kung magagawa ko yun."

For her part, Anne said that she despite this setback, she would fight for their relationship.

"I think everyone would say, ’Hiwalayan,’ but the thing is, I think when you’re put in that situation, hindi mo kaya, e. Kailangan mo pa rin malaman na ikaw ang pipiliin niya, so ipaglalaban mo. At siyempre, gusto mo ipamukha kung sino man siya na ikaw ang pinili."

BRING OUT RED STILETTOS. In the trailer of No Other Woman, Carmi Martin pushes her daughter (played by Cristine) to win back her husband. The mother of Cristine’s character delivers the line: "I-pack up mo si Lucy Torres, ilabas mo na si Gretchen Barretto, ako na ang bahala sa red stilettos mo."

Leyte representative Lucy is the wife of actor Richard Gomez while Gretchen is the longtime partner of Tonyboy Conjuangco.

Direk Ruel admitted that he came up with this dialogue. He explained, "From the point of view of Carmi, kilala niya ang anak niya as the perfect wife. I know a lot of people na ang dream nila na maging isang Lucy Torres. Sino bang hindi? Ang sabi ni Carmi, ’Naku, maaagawan ka. I-pack up mo si Lucy Torres, ilabas mo na si Gretchen.’ Si Gretchen, ibig sabihin, palaban. Kung si Lucy ay makagawa ng congressional bill against this issue, si Gretchen, magko-confront na. Ang point ni Carmi, tama na ang pa-poise mo, kumilos ka na. Si Gretchen ay babaeng kumikilos para magawa ang mga gusto at ma-confront ang mga taong kumakalaban sa kanya.

Does he think that Gretchen will be offended by this line?

Direk Ruel pointed out, "No, alam ni Gretchen na idol namin siya. Alam ni Gretchen na icon rin siya at siya ay nakilala sa Magkaribal na palaban. Kaya nga, sinabi ang red stilettos kasi alam naman na lalaban si Gretchen pero lalaban siya na naka-outfit."

Isn’t this dialogue insulting to Lucy Torres-Gomez?

"Paano naman magiging kalait-lait ang pagiging isang perfect wife?" asked Direk Ruel in return. "Kailangan silang gamitin sa dialogue kasi pareho silang nagre-represent sa extremes. Interesting ang pagkababae nila kaya I’m sure wala naman sa kanilang magma-mind."






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