My Househusband is a light family comedy about a couple’s reversal of roles

My Househusband is about a man named Rod (Ryan Agoncillo, left) who is forced by circumstances to take care of his family and do the household chores. Judy Ann Santos plays a career woman named Mia in this movie written and directed by Joey Reyes (middle).

Nabigyan ng pagkakataon ang (Philippine Entertainment Portal) na mabisita ang set ng My Househusband na pinagbibidahan ng mag-asawang Ryan Agoncillo at Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo.

Nakadalo ang sa shooting day nila kahapon, October 3, sa Brentville International Community sa Biñan, Laguna. Ang 2011 Metro Manila Film Fest (MMFF) entry na ito ay isinulat at idinerehe ng beteranong director na si Direk Jose Javier Reyes o mas kilala bilang Direk Joey Reyes.

Matagal ng kakila ni Direk Joey si Juday at Ryan bago pa man sila naging magkasintahan at ikasal. Lalong lumalim ang kanilang samahan nang magkatrabaho sila sa ilang proyekto. (CLICK HERE to read related article)

Matatandaang si Direk Joey din ang nasa likod nang matagumpay na film franchise na ito na nagsimula noong 2007’s Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo at 2008’s Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo. Parehong certified topgrossers ang parehong pelikula na pinagbidahan din nina Ryan at Juday.

Produced by OctoArts Films, ang My Househusband ay isang light family comedy tungkol sa buhay ng mag-asawa na sa hindi inaasahang pagkakataon ay nagkaroon ng reversal of roles. Si Rod, ang karakter na ginagampanan ni Ryan, ang naiiwan sa bahay matapos magkaroon ng aberya sa kanyang trabaho. Habang si Mia, ang karakter ni Juday, ang siyang umaalis para magtrabaho. Dito umikot ang buong kuwento ng pelikula.


Pinaliwanag rin ni Direk Joey ang sitwasyon na hinaharap ng mga karakter sa pelikula.

"My Househusband is about a man named Rod [Ryan] who is forced by circumstances to take care of his family and do the house chores while his wife, Mia [Judy Ann] had to be the one to take on a job.

"So this is a phenomena na very current right now," pahayag ni Direk Joey.

Dagdag niya, "In this case the man loses his job, but you know in our country there are a lot of people who, a lot of men who are now compelled to be the caretakers or to be the ’taong bahay.’

"They take care of the children, because their wives are the ones working.

"So here, we see a very macho man, who has very distinct, almost chauvinistic ideas about what is to be a ’padre de pamilya,’ suddenly humbled by the thought that he has to learn house work, and experience what he thought to be duties meant only for women."


Aniya pa, "In the end, a journey for him, na mutual respect.

"And more important he learns to respect his wife not only as a mother, somebody to take care of the house, but as an individual, who is also capable of being a professional."

How many shooting days pa ang natititira?

"This is our tenth shooting day, we’re almost half way done," tugon agad ng direktor ng My Househusband.

Sa tingin niyo ano ’yong edge nito sa ibang mga entries ng MMFF?

"I think all the entries have their own, ahm...have their own spin as to why they should be watched.

"I am greatly encouraging the whole public to watch as many movies of the Metro Manila Film Fest as possible.

"But I guess what makes this different from the rest is...we are the only ahm... ’true story.’

"Yeah...we are the only one dealing with...truths about modern day life," paglalahad ni Direk.


Paliwanag pa niya, "A, we are the only one continuing the tradition that we started before—showing the progressions of the lives of real people living in the Philippines at this point in our history."

Are you expecting some awards po if ever?

"I think that’s icing on the cake, okay?" ani Direk Joey.

Saad pa ni Direk, "What we hope is that our producer is very happy for the box office, so if there’s any awards that should come along the way, icing on the cake na ’yon!

"But I certainly hope that people would recognize Ryan [Agoncillo] here as an actor...and more than just an excellent host and a performer.

"Because the whole movie centers on him. It’s basically a movie that centers on Ryan [because the title is My Househusband].





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