Sarah Geronimo’s reaction when she saw Gerald Anderson bare his torso: "Nahilo ako!"

Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo are paired anew in Won’t Last a Day Without You.

Just last March, Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson were cast as two people from different worlds. In Catch Me I’m Falling, the singer-actress portrayed a middle-class girl while Gerald played the President’s son. According to the producers, the romantic comedy allegedly grossed P130 million in the box office.

This November, the Sarah-Gerald tandem will once again be tested via Won’t Last a Day Without You.

Sarah has worked with hunky actors in the past but that doesn’t mean she’s used to seeing them.

In fact, she said she felt uneasy when she saw her leading man, Gerald Anderson, take off his shirt for their upcoming romantic comedy, Won’t Last A Day Without You.

In this scene helmed by first-time movie director Raz dela Torre, Sarah’s character accidentally pours water on Gerald so he had to take his shirt off.

When asked how she felt about the scene, Sarah recalled: "Siyempre po, nailang ako. Kasi hindi naman normal sa akin na nakakakita ng...I mean, nakakakita naman ako, pero hindi yung up close, ’di ba?

"Siyempre nailang ako pero nagamit naman po sa eksena."

During a recent presscon for ther upcoming movie, Sarah pointed out that they shot a similar scene in their first movie as love team partners.

"Si Ge [Gerald’s nickname] nakita ko na siya sa Catch Me I’m Falling, pero malayo po kasi siya noon.

"Pero ito, talagang nasa harap ko, kaya nailang talaga ako."

She then praised her leading man for being able to maintain his physique.

"Siyempre maganda naman yung katawan talaga ni Ge. At nag-prepare talaga siya dun."

How did she react when she saw the actor go topless?

"Nahilo ako!" said the Popstar Princess with a hearty laugh. "Kasi nga, hindi ako sanay ng ganun. Ewan ko, nahilo lang ako!"


Did she get to see Gerald’s abs in the scene?

"Actually, hindi ko natitigan talaga. Hindi ko kinaya na titigan talaga. Si Direk sinubukan niya na iba ang point of view."

Gerald mentioned that Sarah was his inspiration while working out.

"Siyempre, nagwo-workout ako para dun. Siyempre, pumapasok sa isip ko si..."

"Promo!" said Sarah, prompting Gerald to tickle her. In return, Sarah pulled her chair closer to and leaned on Gerald’s shoulder. In return, the young actor put his arm around Sarah.

Sarah laughed when she saw her mother’s reaction. The singer-actress made the peace sign and told Mommy Divine: "Mommy promo lang!"

THE DEEJAY AND THE HEARTTHROB. Co-produced by Star Cinema and Viva Films, Won’t Last A Day Without You also stars Joey de Leon who plays Sarah’s father as well as Martin del Rosario and Young JV who are cast as Gerald’s friends.

Sarah plays DJ Heidee who dishes out advice for people dealing with love problems. Gerald plays Andrew, an easy-go-lucky playboy who treats girls as playthings.

Andrew finds out that his "kalokohan" is being broadcast nationwide on DJ Heidee’s program. The two start out on the wrong foot but eventually, they realize that they won’t last a day without each other.

Creative producer Carmi Raymundo (My Amnesia Girl, You Changed My Life, and A Very Special Love says Won’t Last a Day Without You) offers a different side of Sarah and Gerald.

Raymundo was quoted as saying: "In the movie, Sarah is DJ Heidee who hosts a love counseling radio program. If in her past roles, Sarah [has] played a ’no boyfriend since birth’ character na in love na in love, this time she plays a girl who is seriously broken-hearted kaya she refuses to believe in true love.


"Until she meets Andrew [Gerald’s character] who is the embodiment of the kind of guy she hates the most: womanizer, nakakasakit ng babae, etc.

"What’s interesting here is kung paano ita-translate nung dalawa ang mga characters nila onscreen."

Unlike her previous characters that have had no previous experience in a relationship, Sarah’s character has had a long-term relationship that did not end well.

"Ang kaibahan namin ni DJ Heidee, yung kanyang painful experience sa love, mas malalim kasi five years [ang relationship with her boyfriend] at through Skype..." said Sarah.

The Popstar Princess also admitted: "Sobra akong naka-relate sa character ko. Hindi naman po lingid sa inyong kaalaman ang pinagdaanan ko sa pag-ibig. Siyempre nakalampas na ko sa stage na may konting bitterness, may pain, siyempre nakapag-move on na tayo. Nakakatulong rin ang mga experiences natin sa life, nakakatulong sa ’yo as an actor."

Won’t Last A Day Without You will open in cinemas starting November 30, 2011.





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