"Ouija" sequel to be shot abroad with original director and cast

Jolina Magdangal (left) and Judy Ann Santos (right) will promote the paranormal thriller Ouija in the United States this September and October.

Rated "A" by the Cinema Evaluation Board or CEB, Ouija is out to prove that the Pinoy movie industry is alive and well. Being a well crafted and well executed film, it gained the consensus of the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB) members, allowing the filmmakers to receive a 100% tax rebate.

The first attempt of GMA Films at the horror genre is now a certified blockbuster, earning P60 million in gross sales in its first week.

The editing of Ouija is fast paced and the fade-to-black and cut-to-cut technique adds to the distinctive style of the film. The film has been praised as well for its spectacular cinematography and flawless musical scoring. The storytelling of director Topel Lee has been praised, and viewers have been raving about the unique twist of the movie. Camiguin provided a beautiful backdrop for the plot, with the famed underwater cemetery being a crucial setting for the paranormal thriller.

Due to the box-office and critical success of the movie, a Ouija sequel is being planned this early and will again be directed by Topel Lee. Topbilled by no less than Judy Ann Santos and Jolina Magdangal, and to be shot abroad, Ouija will haunt us once again. Iza Calzado and Rhian Ramos will have cameo performances in this planned sequel.

Co-producers GMA Films and Viva Films are now gearing up for the Ouija world premiere—the first time for GMA Films and first time for the young actresses, Judy Ann and Jolina in their almost two decades in the business. First stop will be Seattle on Sept. 29; Sept. 30 in San Diego; and Oct. 7 in Orlando. And then, the performers will continue with Lovespeak: The US Concert Tour on Oct. 12 in Las Vegas and Oct. 14 in Carlson.





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