Singer-songwriter Acel introduces her new music digitally

"My songs in this album [Silver Lining] are more relaxed and toned down compared to what I've done before in my previous band [Moonstar 88]," describes Acel about her debut album as a solo artist.

Acel was first known as the lead vocalist of the band Moonstar88, which has produced two albums. Shepopularized phenomenal hit songs such as "Torete," "Sa Langit," and "Sulat."However, despite the success of her band, Acel decided to leave and take sometime off from the music scene.

After almost two years of abscence from the mainstream music scene,Acel comes back as a solo artist with a new offering for music lovers. Aside from releasing her debut album titled SilverLining, she will also make it possible for techie people to download hersongs directly from the Internet.

Acel can be considered as the first musical artistto take advantage of the possibilities of going digital.

"It's a management decision, decision ng distributor [Nugen Records]. For me naman, I just want my song to be outwhatever way," explained Acel.

During her intimate chat with reporters last September 13 at Little Poon's Restaurant in Robinsons Galleria, questions wereraised about the possible piracy of her music. Acel couldn't answer the questions but promised to take note of them andask the producers and distributors about it.

Acel said she is glad to share her music to everybody. "As long as my music is out,I'm happy," said Acel with a smile.

To download "Laugh and Cry" and "Pakiusap," one should getan e-PIN (electronic PIN) or buy Acel's personalized prepaid cards from anyLoadcentral outlets or any Netopia branch. Then, log on to and use the provided login nameand password on your e-PIN/card and click on the song that you want anddownload it. Each song costs 12 pesos.


SILVER LINING ALBUM. Acel's debut album as a solo artist, the Silver Lining, consistsof unreleased songs that she had written during her two-year break.

Acel said she had no inkling when she would go back to themusic scene. However, being the passionatesongwriter that she is, Acel never stopped writing new songs. "Songwriting is a passion andsomething I could never leave. Over thecourse of time, my friend who has a recording studio encouraged me to recordsome of these songs I'd written."

The former Moonstar 88 vocalist described her latest compositions assomething personal. "I cansay that the new songs I recorded reflect the better who I am because Icomposed 99 percent of them."

Acel's favorite songs in the album are "Satisfy" and"Tomorrow" but she considers her Tagalog pieces such as "Nakalimutan Mo Na Ba?,""Pakiusap," and "Sa Ngalan ng Pag-ibig" as her strongest compositions.

The 31-year-old songwriter also talked about being a soloartist. She pointed out, "I can express [my] music whole-heartedly by being a soloartist. By going solo, I was challengedand my artistic creativity was stretched. I really had to think more deeply in determining the direction of mysound."

Although she has taken her own path, Aceladmitted in the end that she sometimesmisses her former band. She said, "Imiss Moonstar [88]. I miss hanging outwith them because they are my friends. I miss playing with them."





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