Candy Pangilinan's Candy's Be U? offers a night of laughter, entertainment and music

People who came to watch will remember Candy Pangilinan's Candy’s Be U? as a night of laughter, entertainment, and music.

Candy Pangilinan goes back to doing live performances via comedy concert Candy’s Be U? It has three play dates: January 24, 25, and February 1, 2013. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) was invited to watch at Teatrino in Greenhills on the second night.

Candy opened the show by summarizing what had transpired in her life during her hiatus from live shows through a comic interpretative dance routine.

The comedienne presented the events in her life as a series of emotions—joy, sadness, even fear—characterized by her self-deprecating kind of humor.

She unabashedly recalled the controversy she faced following her “Tao po ako, hindi ako Igorot” remark in 2009 that was settled shortly after an apology was issued.

Although Candy made no mention of his name, it was obvious that Candy was referring to her ex-boyfriend Direk GB Sampedro when she talked about a failed relationship in a humorous way.

She narrates how her friends gave countless suggestions on how she could get over the heartbreak.

She would drag herself to dates that she ended up looking desperate, attended parties (even ones she wasn’t invited to), and forced herself to try yoga only to end up hating it.

Another highlight of the show was the segment wherein Candy pretended to be a “cougar” while Will Devaughn played the younger, male beneficiary.

As the sugar momma, she would initially turn a blind eye to the fact that her younger boyfriend was taking advantage of her wealth.

Will successfully played the role of the “user” and even exposed his nicely-built body, leaving only his boxers on, as Candy took advantage of his body.


Tales of trying to make relationships work, playing the martyr, and even bitterness towards ex-boyfriends are themes that most Pinoys can relate to.

The audience laughed out loud as Candy faced situations wherein passion ruled over reason.

Candy is effective since she draws from personal experiences and she exaggerates them to full effect.

She hasn’t lost her touch in acting but the length of the piece took its toll on the audience. The delivery and timing could also be improved upon.

People who came to watch will remember Candy’s Be U? as a night of laughter, entertainment, and music.

Other performers who were present that evening also added to the liveliness of the show.

Front act Lucky Robles impressed viewers when he did impersonations of Regine Velasquez, Gary Valenciano, Christian Bautista, Jaya, Ogie Alcasid, Vina Morales, and Michael Jackson.

X-Factor Philippines finalist AKA Jam awed the crowd with their vocal prowess as they performed “Just Got To Be Real.”

Jay Perillo sang an OPM song that night. For the finale, all the guests sang along with Candy as she ended the show with a meaningful message to go with the song “Let It Be.”

Catch the last night of Candy's Be U? this Friday night, February 1, 8pm, at Teatrino, Greenhills.





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