Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno talks about playing with bassist Sergio Vega

Popular Sacramento-based alternative metal band Deftones will once again set foot in Manila and perform at the World Trade Center on May 26, 2013.

Francis Brew of was able to chat with band members Chino Moreno, Stephen Carpenter, Abe Cunningham, Frank Delgado, and Sergio Vega prior to their Manila concert. The band is quite excited about returning Manila since their last appearance in the country was in 2011.

Francis first asked the band: “How do you find the Philippines?”

The group was unanimous in saying that the Philippines has “a lot of happy people. First time that we are playing at the size of the venue we are playing and the people are showing, that’s pretty exciting…it’s beautiful.”

Adrenaline and Diamond Eyes and Koi NO Yokan are some of the albums they released in the past.

They were asked to describe how it was like having Sergio Vega in the band after their original bassist Chi Cheng passed away.

Vocalist Chino Moreno answered for the group by saying, “It kinda fell into place. We asked Sergio to come in. I think the only way that we are going to do is when Sergio comes in. He played with us before and we’re comfortable playing with him and stuff…I think it was very organic we called that then. He was able to come to Sacramento. When he came in, pretty much the first day, he started playing some of our older stuff. .. in two days, we kinda stumbled upon, writing, the first song, 'Royal, Royal,' kinda popped out and we built the song pretty much like the first day…”

Sergio added, “Everything came so quickly.”

Chino observed, “Instead of working on what we built on what we were working on, …we just started on that point on and moved forward…”

He then added: “We haven’t talked that much on how we’re gonna release it but I know one thing, it’s pretty special to us…we wrote together, there’s a lot of great music in there…”

How was it like working with Grammy-winning producer Nick Rasculinecz?

The band’s lead vocalist remarked, “He’s a good dude. When I met up with him, he knows our band, our records very well. He’s a great guy, passionate about music He really is engaged in the making of music, creating the music. It was good to have him with us from the beginning.

“He’s such a fan of our band, not just a producer. What he liked about our band, what was great about it, each of us individually, he saw the value of what he could with us. It was cool to have someone very eager to work and create something with us and excited about it. He brought that energy, he came in and befriended all of us and he really worked with us.”

Chino added that Nick “helped us organize our plans. That’s the problem we’ve had in the last few records. We never have a lack of ideas but sometimes, we lack focus on what ideas to work on, when and how and put things together. It takes a long time. There was really no one dictating on how to put this on we haven’t been able to do with that…

“We’re the kind of guys that keep playing. Two hours later, we’ll still be jamming, going to nowhere land. He’s the kind of guy that he has to focus on certain parts. He’s good to have him there as another voice. Somebody you respect. He’s a great guy, he was there all the time that we were writing.”






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