Rocksteddy vocalist hints It's Showtime will undergo reformatting

The music concert scene was kept busy this entire summer, with foreign and local acts vying for our attention almost every week. Vans, the U.S. brand synonymous with sneakers, skateboarding shoes, BMX shoes, snowboarding boots and other shoe types, brought together several local music bands for the 1st Off The Wall Summer Music Jam. Bands who performed were Save Me Hollywood, Moonstar88, The Chongkeys, Rocksteddy, Franco, Urbandub and Kamikazee. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) was able to have an exclusive chat with featured bands.

ROCKSTEDDY. After being introduced by hosts KC Montero and Tado, frontman Teddy Corpuz immediately got everyone to raise their hands as Rocksteddy began their five-song set. After an amazingly wicked guitar solo intro, Teddy performed "Ayos Lang Ako."

Teddy shouts out, "Alam ko nagulat kayo na ganito ako kagwapo sa personal." This gives everyone a good laugh as Teddy continues, "ako rin nagulat."

He dedicates their next song "Break Na Tayo" to "mga magagandang babae. Dapat kasi kapag pumunta kayo ng gig ng Rocksteddy, single kayo," which has everyone cheering loudly.

"Kung mahuli mo syota mo may kasamang iba, i-break mo na at kung asawa mo nangangaliwa, hiwalayan mo na, huwag kang magpakamartyr, kasi hindi ka niya mahal," Teddy reminds the audience matter-of-factly.

Teddy jokes around that he is sometimes mistaken for Sam Milby and Bamboo. The Rocksteddy vocalist then does a Bamboo frontman imitation, singing their anthemic "Hallelujah." When the audience shouts "more," Teddy shouts right back "isa pa? Ano ako, alipin n'yo?"

He then dedicates their third song "para sa mga babae na mahilig man-deadma at sa lahat ng lalake na dinedeadma, eto ang gabi ng ating paghihiganti," Teddy exclaims loudly as he sings "Deadma."

Rocksteddy also included their new single "Sama Sama" and their popular hit single "Boy Kulot." By the end of their set, Teddy had jumped into the mosh pit—twice.

He is all sweaty and running with adrenaline as interviewed Teddy backstage to get his reaction to the Summer Music Jam. He shouts, "Vans authentic. The best!"

Why did he repeat his attempt to slide down the mosh pit? Teddy admits, "I've done that a million times and this is the first time na bumaba ako, na bumagsak ako pero okay lang dahil hindi pa sila sanay. Yung pangalawang run okay na, kaya inulit ko para mas maganda, mas masaya sa camera kapag inedit yung video."

He notes the crowd reaction, "the best crowd, alam mo ang Vans supports indie, OPM and sobrang saya lang ng mga tao, yung audience kaya happy-happy, joy-joy lang sila."

"They know how to laugh, they know how to jump, to just enjoy and have a good fun, amazing time, with us, the best, the best."

They also got to sing their newest single "Sama Sama" and Teddy shares, "masaya kami na nasa countdown siya ng MYX, people are supporting it, hindi lang dahil nagpapa-contest kami sa Twitter, pero people are really enjoying the song. Alam nila yung masayang kanta lang."

Rocksteddy has never been one to take themselves too seriously, though they are quite serious about getting their music out there, "kami lang naman, yung goal namin, wala kaming pakialam sa genre kung mag-reggae kami, kung mag-love song or mag-novelty kami, wala kaming pakialam basta masaya, basta gusto namin yung ginagawa namin, gusto namin yung kanta namin."

Future plans for Rocksteddy include releasing their first EP album titled Instadramatic. They plan to promote their EP on ABS-CBN's noontime variety program in time "before mag-reformat ulit yung show," says Teddy who is one of the co-hosts of the show.

What's with a title like Instadramatic? Teddy laughs and explains, "Instadramatic ay naging album dahil adik lang talaga kami lahat sa Instagram, so naghanap kami ng venue na ma-incorporate yung Instagram sa album namin, ginawa namin Instagram and medyo madrama yung mga kanta namin doon."

Will there be a specific theme to the songs in this EP? Teddy remarks, "parehong comedy at love, may angst ng konti, mayroon kaming kanta doon 'Drown,' medyo English ng konti, na medyo part ng konti yung 'I wish that I could drown you in my tears' parang ganoon. Medyo iba ng konti doon sa nakaugalian na Rocksteddy. And may reggae kami na song, which is yung Sama Sama. So hindi siya pop, hindi's just something that we wanted to do to break yun norm na Rocksteddy."



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