"Bagong Liwanag" grand finals night to take place on October 24

The 14-year-old Pinoy band Rivermaya is ready to welcome the newest member of their group at the Bagong Liwanag grand finals night on October 24 at the Music Museum. (L-R) Rivermaya guitarist Mike Elgar, drummer Mark Escueta, and bassist Japs Sergio will meet their new member as the Studio 23 show Rivermaya: Bagong Liwanag (The Audition Specials) comes to an end.

After two months of searching for a new band member,Rivermaya is all set to welcome the latest addition to their group during the grand finals night of Rivermaya: Bagong Liwanag (The Audition Specials) on October 24 at the Music Museum.

The group decided to look for a new member when Rico Blanco,the former front man of Rivermaya, left the group on the eve of the band'ssecond Asian album launch. After heleft, many thought that the famous rock band was set to finally disband.

However, the three remaining Rivermaya members—Mark Escueta,Japs Sergio, and Mike Elgar—announced that they would continue sharing theirmusic. The group went on to release notjust a EP titled Bagong Liwanag, which features song that were writtenand sung by its members, they also launched a TV show with the same title onStudio 23.

Around 500 aspirants auditioned but only around 80 of them passed. The number wasthen narrowed down to 12 finalists who competed with each other to replace theposition that Rico had left.

The judges who screened these finalists were The Dawn'sguitarist and NU 107 In the Raw host Francis Reyes, Razorback's bassistLouie Talan, and Rivermaya's manager, Lizza Nakpil.

Right now, there are four remaining finalist who are stillcompeting for a spot in Rivermaya—Miche Magnaye, Mike Salzseider, HansDimayuga, and Jayson Fernandez. From these four contenders, two finalists will be chosen this Sunday, October 21.

Rivermaya fanatics may start voting for their choice of thenext band member after the final two has been announced on Sunday at 9 p.m. andit will run until October 24 at 12 noon. Simply text VOTE (space) Finalist CodeNumber and send to 2910.

Other known bands will be performing in the grandfinals night. These are The Dawn,Stonefree, Imago, Callalily, and Spongecola. Meanwhile, MYX veejays Sanya Smith and Drei will host the said event.

The Bagong Liwanag grand finals night will bebroadcast in a 2-hour special on October 28, Sunday, at 9:15 p.m. on Studio 23.






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