ALBUM REVIEW: TomDen album captures the joys and pains of falling in love

Dennis Trillo (left) and Tom Rodriguez launched their TomDen album on October 29, 2013.

From TV to CD!

The currently hot tandem of Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo now has a record album called, quite appropriately, TomDen.

TomDen is, after all, the name by which fans have begun calling the two actors following their very successful work in My Husband’s Lover, the GMA primetime serye that concluded last month.

The highlight of their album is, of course, “One More Try,” which is the theme song of the primetime serye and which the two Luminary talents, I must say, do a pretty good job rendering.

Replacing Kuh Ledesma’s rich and thick vocals are Tom and Dennis’s breezy blending of voices.

I initially thought the major come-on of this project was that it features two good-looking actors who can sing.

But after listening to it over and over again during the Halloween break, I must say it certainly has its merits.


1. “Kailan Man” brings out the clarity and crispness of Dennis’s voice, and is very soothing. Try listening with earphones.

It reminds me of Willie Revillame’s hit “Ikaw Na Nga,” which is slow and soulful.

It also has beautiful lyrics written by Vehnee Saturno.

2. “Ikaw Ang Sagot” is plucky.

It’s about a guy who finally finds love, and Tom embellishes his singing with the right dose of emotions.

He sounds a bit like Ogie Alcasid here, making him a balladeer to watch for.

3. “Hey It’s Me” is easy on the ear. To those who liked Jamie Rivera’s original version, this won’t disappoint.


4. “Forever” is a revival of Martin Nievera and Regine Velasquez’s chart-topper in the ‘90s.

What happens when two guys sing it instead? Forget awkwardness and cheesiness because Tom and Dennis do justice to the piece.

Not deviating much from the original melody, Edwin Marollano creates a beautiful vocal arrangement for TomDen, whose voices depict versatility and power.

It can be the anthem for gay lovers and those embroiled in love triangles. (Yes, girls can sing along with the GMA-7 heartthrobs.)

In a nutshell, the album is a sentimental journey of TomDen—it’s about finding true love, promising forever, giving up, saying goodbye, moving on, and reuniting.

Other tracks: “Photograph” (Tom Rodriguez); “It’s Over Now” (Dennis Trillo); and “Stay” (Dennis Trillo).





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