Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi join outdoor concert of Martin Nievera and Callalily

Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi were joined by their kids Cassy and Mavy during Jollibee’s Family Bee Day at the Quirino Grandstand. Martin Nievera (rightmost frame) and Kean Cipriano (middle frame) headlined the outdoor concert also held that day.

It was a sunny day at the lush green grass field of Quirino Grandstand during Jollibee’s Family Bee Day. The fun-filled atmosphere made the day a perfect afternoon for a family picnic.

Families brought their own mats to sit on while catching up with each other’s lives, and also enjoying the open concert and program.

Teenagers sang along to Callalily’s songs such as "Minsan," "Wala Na Tayo," "Liwanag," and "Pansamantala." Young adults were able to reminisce their high school memories through songs such as "Magbalik" and "Stars."

Guys imitated Kean’s dance moves, while girls gushed and giggled while watching the rockstar. One of the girls even held up a banner saying “Kean, pa-kiss.”

The couples in the crowd were able to appreciate Martin Nievera’s rendition of "You Are My Song."

Songs such as "Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin," "After All," and "Be My Lady" could make one reminisce about their wedding day, or the day she said that sweet "yes." Martin even jokingly declares “'Bee' My Lady" as Jollibee’s newest song!

The makukulit na chikitings also actively participated in games with their mama, papa, ate and kuya. There were food stalls nearby to keep the participants’ stomachs happy and full, making this one big family-friendly event everyone could enjoy.

“Nakakatuwa lang na pagpasok mo may mga naka-latag na matress, parang nakakatuwa kasi minsan lang namin nakikita yun," said Carmina with a smile.

Zoren adds: "May band, may activities for the kids, there’s food, there’s Jollibee.”

The popular food chain, Jollibee, is on a mission to help “promote the joy of the family” and to strengthen even more the Filipino’s naturally close family ties. Together with their newest endorsers, the Legaspi family, the biggest nationwide picnic was done simultaneously in five venues: Manila, Laguna, Pampanga, Cebu and Davao.


“Bihara na magsama-sama ang pamilya, siyempre sana Saturday or Sunday magsama-sama. Ang importante, you guys eat together.

“Yung i-celebrate yung togetherness ng pamilya, yun lang din naman yung ginagawa naming pamilya. Lagi rin namin sinasabi na hindi kailangan gumastos ng mahal. Hindi kailangan i-plan talaga ng engrande para magsama-sama.

“Siguro ang gusto ko lang naman i-impart, wag babalewalain ang pamilya. In good times or bad times, talagang yung malalapitan mo lang is yung pamilya. Irreplaceable ang pamilya,” Carmina concludes.





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