Will Charice file complaint against former manager Glenn Aldueza?

Charice apologized to concert producers by saying, “I want to apologize…ang daming kong nabalitaan…Nung nagtour ako, ang dami kong narinig na demanding daw ako…I apologize sa lahat na nagkaroon ng mga… problema kay Glenn [Aldueza, her former manager].”

Charice Pempengco and her mother, Raquel Pempengco, finally spoke up about the controversy concerning the international singer’s former manager, Glenn Aldueza.

During the February 8 episode of The Buzz, Charice revealed to host Boy Abunda that the contract with Aldueza ended in May 2014. While she was in tour, he was just there as “acting” manager.

Charice had a lot of questions about the management of Aldueza. “May mga questions na di niya masagot ng malinaw. So that time I had a feeling that there was something wrong. Di ako mahilig mag-confront…”

Aldueza is Mommy Raquel’s godson and a close friend of the family. He was very much involved in Charice’s life when the singer and her mother had a huge misunderstanding. Charice left the Pempengco household and spent time under Aldueza’s wing.

When Aldueza was appointed as the singer’s manager, he was clueless about talent management since he didn’t have any background about it.

“Siya mismo nagsabi na wala siyang alam sa pag-manage. Ako pa ang mag guide sa mga ganyan… Pag may nakikita akong mali noon, sinasabi ko sa kanya,” recalled Charice.

Mommy Raquel asserts that Aldueza didn’t provide any reports. “Walang binibigay na report si Glenn. Sa kanya ko nalaman na walang report na ibinibigay ni Glenn… Nabagabag si Glenn.”

Charice narrated that they scheduled a meeting with the former manager. “Nag set kami ng meeting in a professional way with the accountant. Nag-commit na siya. He was gonna bring all the documents. Nakita lang namin isang plastic and sa loob nun, parang random papers…may isang folder naka-summarize without any explanation, without any receipts.”


Mommy Raquel pointed out: “Ang report na ibinigay niya ay isang papel na nasa typewriting na naka print.”

The singer behind the hit song “Pyramid” then added, “Nakita ko yung mga contracts from other shows na wala akong pirma. Na dapat may pirma ako.” She clearly didn’t authorize Glenn to sign any contracts on her behalf.

Moreso, she was kept in the dark since Aldueza didn’t disclose specific details about projects.

Charice was particularly incensed when she earned a bad reputation because of problems caused by Aldueza.

“Sinabi niya sa akin may show sa Alaska. After two months, binalita niya sa akin na imo-move niya yung show. I waited and waited until eto na, nakausap ko yung promoter . Sinabi nga mismo ng promoter, yung mga producer, kaya gusto nilang i-move yung show, parang they were waiting for my answer kung okay na yung show sa Alaska. And the thing is, hindi niya ako tinatanong kung okay na yung show. So parang, nagde-decide lang siya para sa akin.”

“Tapos siguro, nagbigay sila ng 50 percent down[payment], alam ko na, na cancel yung show. Nai-mo-move yung show.

“For them kasi, sila yung naloko. Parang ako yung nanloloko. Yun yung lumabas… it was concluded and the payment was never given back. Hindi niya binalik yung 50 percent,” said the YouTube sensation.

“I want to apologize…ang daming kong nabalitaan…Nung nagtour ako, ang dami kong narinig na demanding daw ako…I apologize sa lahat na nagkaroon ng mga… problema kay Glenn.”

Aldueza never showed up for the scheduled meeting.


Since they had all these problems with Aldueza, Charice and Mommy Raquel decided to return to Grace Mendoza who has managed Charice’s career in the past.

Mommy Raquel has reason to believe that he is in Canada.

Will they file a case against Aldueza?

Mommy Raquel disclosed, “Di naman kailangan idaan sa court. Kung ano ang explanation niya, tatanggapin namin. Kailangan niyang harapin lahat ng mga tinatanong ko.

“The purpose of this interview po para po malaman po ng maraming tao na yung mga bagay na po na ‘yon hindi po lahat ng demands na ginawa po niya ay galing sa akin… na nagmukha akong masama.”

As the interview ended, Charice told her fans and supporters, “Sana hanggang di pa naririnig nila na galing talaga sa akin, sana huwag po tayo maniniwala. I’m a real person. I love what I do. I’m not saying I’m a perfect person…I’m just real. I love you all.”





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