American band Incubus plays heart out for fans at Big Dome

During the March 8 press conference, lead vocalist Brandon Boyd (in photo) of Incubus had no expectations about what would happen at their concert. The rock stars just hoped "to play their hearts out and everybody's singing along." True enough, this happened during their concert last Sunday, March 9, at the Araneta Coliseum.

American alternative rock band Incubus gave their Filipino fans something to scream about during their one-night concert last Sunday, March 9, at the Araneta Coliseum, Cubao, Quezon City.

The California-based band visited the Philippines for the second time to hold their concert, Incubus Live in Manila: Light Grenades Pacific Rim Tour. The band released its latest studio album, Light Grenades, in November 2006. Incubus first visited the country in March 2004 only a month after they released their fifth album, A Crow Left of the Murder.

MEET AND GREET INCUBUS. Before the day of the concert, MTV Philippines held a press conference for Incubus at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ortigas Ave., Pasig City. The band recalled that their first visit to the Philippines in 2004 was one of their most memorable performances.

Incubus vocalist Brandon Boyd said, "Coming here the last time, we don't really know what to expect. So, we kinda walk into it a little blind, which is fun and a little scary at the same time. But the reaction was very enthusiastic and very heartfelt so we're very excited to come back ever since. It was, honestly, one of the loudest audiences that we've heard."

When asked what their Filipino fans should expect from their concert the following day, Brandon answered, "I don't know. We'll find out tomorrow. I hope everyone will have a great time and take care of each other. And we hope that we bring the best concert, that we know how to play our hearts out and everybody's singing along, that would be great."

INCUBUS, LIVE! Before Filipino fans could listen to the music of Incubus, the band Up Dharma Down served as the front act that night. They played their hit songs, including the popular single titled "Maybe," from their album Fragmented; and their version of APO Hiking Society's "Kaibigan," from the tribute album Kami nAPO Muna.


After Up Dharma Down's performance, the crowd started screaming excitedly to see their favorite band. The fans watched breathlessly when Incubus members went up on stage and played the song "Quicksand" from their sixth and latest album Light Grenades.

Fans filled up almost all the seats of the Big Dome just to see the five-member band perform their signature songs in person. Incubus did not disappoint their fans as they performed cuts from their different albums. Among these songs were the "Anna Molly," from their latest album; "Vitamin" and "Favorite Things" from their album S.C.I.E.N.C.E. (1997); "Drive" from their third album titled Make Yourself (1999); and "Wish You Were Here" and "Nice to Know You" from their Morning View (2001) album.

Incubus kept the adrenaline pumping by singing other songs from their fifth album A Crow Left of the Murder. The fans excitedly jumped up and down while singing along with the Brandon's energetic "Sick Sad Little World," "Talk Shows on Mute," and the band's supposed finale, "Megalomaniac."

After the band left the stage, the audience kept on screaming and begging for more of Incubus. The female members of the audience repeatedly called out to Brandon, who took off his shirt earlier during the show.

After a couple of minutes, the band members returned onstage and performed three more songs—"Stellar," "Circles," and a dramatic exit in the song "Aqueous Transmission."

The Incubus band is composed of vocalist Brandon Boyd, lead guitarist Michael Einziger, bassist Ben Kenney (formerly of The Roots), DJ Kilmore, and drummer Jose Antonio Pasillas II.

Incubus left the Philippines to continue their Pacific Tour. Their next stops are Beijing, China (March 12), Shanghai, China (March 13), Waikiki, Hawaii (March 21), and Maui, Hawaii (March 22).





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