Jim Brickman on Lea Salonga: “I know that she is an amazing singer and that she sounds so beautiful."

Pianist-songwriter Jim Brickman will have Lea Salonga as his special guest during his Manila concert to be held atThe Theatre of Solaire Resorts and Casino on August 8, 2015.

Jim Brickman will soon return to Manila!

The man responsible for the hit songs “Valentine,” “The Gift,” and “Your Love” will stage a very special show titled Jim Brickman: The Platinum Tour Manila at The Theatre of Solaire Resorts and Casino on August 8, 2015.

His special guest will be none other than Ms. Lea Salonga.

During an exclusive phone patch interview conducted by PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) with the world famous songwriter last July 9, he said he is excited to be working closely with Lea.

“I worked with Lea before in one big concert.

“We just met and we weren’t able to work as much.

“This time we will be working together.

“I know that she is an amazing singer and that she sounds so beautiful.

“I can’t wait to share the stage with her.”

Jim is thrilled to perform for Filipino audiences since they know his songs by heart.

“I am so lucky that a lot of people here know my songs.

“And when somebody knows your song around the world, it’s an exceptional feeling.

“So on my show in August, I will be performing all my hit songs.

“The show will be fun. I want people to smile. I want people to laugh. And I also want them to cry.

“It only goes to show that we all have these emotions to share on that special night.”

The 53-year-old American songwriter, whose albums (all 38 of them) have achieved Gold and Platinum status, was named “the most charted male adult contemporary artist.”

For his two albums, Peace (2003) and Faith (2009), he received two Grammy Award nominations for Best Instrumental Album and Best New Age Album.

He is famously known for his solo piano compositions and vocal collaborations with the world’s famous musical artists such as Johnny Mathis, Martina McBride, Olivia Newton-John, Donny Osmond, Lady Antebellum, Michael W. Smith and others.

PEP asked Jim how is it working with these artists who possess different personalities and different approaches to music?

“They are all different. Like everyone else is.

“I look for a singer who understands what they are singing about. Not just a singer who can just sing a note.

“A lot of people have technique. But not all people are so good at communicating with the song. That makes a very big difference. It’s how people sing the song.”

Jim also shared his views on aspiring singers who join reality competition shows such as The Voice and American Idol.

“There are people who join these singing competition on TV. But most of them are just show-offs.

“Music comes from such an authentic place and it would be nice to see someone singing from that place which is true and authentic.”

Would he accept an invitation to become a mentor on these kind of shows?

“I only did it one time on The Today Show but never on The Voice or American Idol.

“Doing reality shows is really not for me.

“Though I would be good on The Amazing Race, but not on Dancing with the Stars,” he laughs.

Jim will soon come out with a new album titled Soothe that will feature music for relaxing, unwinding, meditation and yoga.

The renowned pianist-songwriter will also be coming out with a new Christmas album that will be launched just in time for his Comfort & Joy Holiday Tour in the United States.

Being one of the most recognized songwriters in the world, Jim Brickman grew up in a simple neighborhood in the suburbs of Shaker Heights in Cleveland, Ohio.

“I lived in a simple neighborhood. It was very suburbian—ordinary.

“It was a middle-class environment. It’s like I walk to school every day to Shaker Heights High School.”

Jim learned to play the piano at the age of 5. He soon studied composition and performance at the Cleveland Institute of Music.

He would like to put up a music school in his hometown someday.

“When I was growing up in Cleveland, it’s not like L.A. or New York where there are movies and TV shows being produced.

“There’s nothing like that in Cleveland. So there was not a lot of opportunities when it comes to music.

“That’s why I like to help a lot of talented people in my hometown.

“I know that there are young and ambitious talents everywhere and I would like to make a start in my hometown.”

Jim is also planning to write and create a Christmas theatre musical and he hopes that the star of his musical will come from Cleveland.

Aside from this, he also has a weekly radio program since 1997 called Weekend With Jim Brickman. Aired throughout the U.S., the show will soon be aired on a daily timeslot.






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