International DJ Zedd receives Gold Record award; gathers 12,000 ravers at Manila leg of his True Colors tour

Zedd received a Gold record award from MCA Music Philippines for his Clarity album during the press conference of his True Colors tour. The international DJ performed for ravers during his concert last Saturday night, August 9, at the SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City.

Grammy-award winning international DJ and electronic dance music (EDM) powerhouse Zedd return to the Philippines for his sold-out True Colors tour in Manila.

This is Zedd's second time in the country after his 2013 visit for his Moment of Clarity World Tour.

Zedd—Anton Zaslavski in real life—performed before a 12,000-strong crowd on Saturday night, August 9, at the SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City.

"It feels great," Zedd told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other members of the media at the press conference right before the concert.

The Russian-German musician continued, "As everybody knows, I'm always excited to be here and it's been a little while since I came back.

"I remember I announced, just because I knew I was gonna be here, that I would come back but I didn't say when.

"And now finally, after quite a while, I found a date and now we're all here."

Zedd also brought in DJ Haywyre as his font act for his Asian tour. The Minnesota-based DJ told the press that he's excited to perform for Filipino EDM fans.

DJ Haywayre admitted, "This is one of the biggest shows that I will a part of so, I'm nervous but I'm really excited, too."

Celebrities incuding Darren Espanto, Jane Oineza, Jeron Teng, Phytos Ramirez, and Jon Lucas were spotted at the concert.

Before making his mark in the EDM scene, Zedd grew up playing classical piano pieces. He was part of a German band called Dioramic until finally experimenting with electronic music in 2009.

The 25-year-old DJ acknowledged that his classical background helped him in the process of writing new music.

He told PEP, "Well, I think, the easiest way to it is just write music on a piano or a keyboard.

"I think, that's also how you [Haywyre] write your songs.


"I think that's how I connect with Haywyre so well, because, when I hear music, it's pretty easy to hear whether it's been written on the computer or it's been written on an instrument.

"And I like music that's written on an instrument because it sounds organic and maybe, I'm just used to it because I'm in a band for a long time.

"But I think, by writing music with a piano already becomes more organic and classical because you know, when you grow up, you know, playing all these classical pieces, you kinda learn what is kinda right or what doesn't work.

"And then when you write your music, you'll make a mistake and you realize, 'Okay, this is one thing I should not be doing. I'd rather play it like this or just go over to that melody.'

"I think it's very natural to write music with a piano."

Zedd revealed that this writing process for his Clarity studio album carried over while producing his latest album.

"I think with 'Clarity,' I started writing music on piano instead of writing them on a computer.

"When I started with electronic music and I had no clue about it, I started with the beat and made the drop and it kinda sounded probably a lot more similar to other artists I know now.

"And then when I wrote 'Spectrum,' one of the first songs I've written entirely on the piano and just made electronic, that was the same process for the entire album True Colors."

Zedd continued, "The only difference is that halfway through, I've realized the songs that I've written were kinda different.

"And I like that every song was entirely different and to me, was totally different color.

"And at that point, four, five songs in, I realized that it would be a great concept for my album, you know, for every song to be it's own color."


Zedd feels that his new album, True Colors, is more of "a statement of his artistry" with regards to his musician side than his DJ alter-ego.

He explained, "The title track 'True Colors,' I had no idea how to play that out--whether I would play it remixed, or whether I would play it acoustically.

"And it didn't really matter, I wanted it to be the title track because the message behind it is to show somebody who you really are."

Zedd explained further that he wanted his listeners to learn more about his other side as a music producer through this album.

He continued, "A lot of people know me for, you know, 'Clarity' and of the some more DJ-friendly songs but I've been a mellow musician and classical pianist way, way long than I can make electronic music and I wanted everybody to know that side of me as well.

"So I made a song with a rapper, I made a song with a rock group.

"It has beat with different tempos, and you know, just things I've never done before but the thing the connected us is that I love making music and I love every type of music and I wanted to put it out on the album whether they could play it out or not."

WHAT'S NEXT FOR ZEDD? Members of the press also asked Zedd if he ever thought of releasing a non-EDM album since he has a solid background of classical music and was a part of a band before becoming a DJ.

Zedd admitted that he doesn't have anything planned out for his next album at the moment.

"I honestly don't know. I'm always inspired by everything I see around me.

"And right now, I'm gonna be able [to perform] True Colors for the rest of the year [and] potentially, beginning of next year.


"So I have quite a lot of time to get inspired and decide what I want to do.

"I don't think I'm gonna make electronic music forever so enjoy it now."

He continued, "You know, at some point, case changes like I was in a meddle band and then at some point, I wanted to experiment with some new stuff then I started doing electronic music.

"Maybe one day, you know, one thing I've always wanted to do is just do more in the film world and more orchestral stuff.

"Maybe I'd incorporate more that in my music.

"Whatever is fun, honestly, I would not make music if I didn't enjoy it.

"I love every single song I've ever put out.

"I would never put my name on something I don't like.

"And if that happens to be more rock for the next album then that could be it.

"But for now, I don't really have a plan to be honest with you."

Asked how he would like to be remembered as a musician, Zedd answered: "I would love to be remembered as somebody that made a difference in the electronic dance music scene and, you know, there are certain bands that I look up to and whether the sound or whatever changes, that doesn't change their position.

"Like Queen, King Crimson, Genesis, The Beatles--even when the sound changes, they're still legends and they changed rock and they changed their genres.

"I would love to be remebered as someone that had a big influence on electronic dance music and to the change of electronic dance music towards something slightly more musical, classical that it was before."

Zedd's True Colors Tour Live in Manila is organized by Neverland Manila and co-presented by Fox and StarWorld.





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