Aiza Seguerra talks about her first international album

Aiza Seguerra's ten-track album produced by S2SSingapore will soon be released in the Philippines and nearby countries such asSingapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

As one of the cast members of Atlantis Productions's comedymusical Avenue Q, Aiza Seguerra will be traveling to Singapore toperform at the Esplanade Theatre from October 31 to November 16. But this won'tbe the only chance that viewers in Singapore will be able to see Aiza performon stage.

During the rehearsals of Avenue Q, Aiza Seguerraupdated PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) regarding the 10-track album thatis expected to launch her international singing career. "It will be released onJune 16 (Monday). We did this album in just 17 days...duringthe last week of April.

"It has ten songs, all of them are covers. Yung iba ‘OpenArms,' I Can't Make You Love Me,' ‘Time After Time,' ‘At Last,' ‘Somewhere Overthe Rainbow,' ‘Smooth Operator,' and ‘Vincent.'"

According to Aiza, she performed all these songs with liveinstruments even though this is a studio album. The singer-actress plays GaryColeman in Avenue Q, which is scheduled to run at the RCBC Plaza untilJune 22, 2008.

Will she be based in Singapore while promoting this album?

"Yun yung sinabi pero hindi ako magbe-base dun. Kumbaga,pupunta ako dun sa Singapore pero Southeast Asia ang market. I think kasama angIndonesia and Malaysia. Sa Philippines hindi ko pa alam kung Japan."

How did she choose the songs to be included in this album?

"They gave me a list of songs and from there, namili ako ng15 songs. So from those 15 songs, pinili nila yung sampu," narrates Aiza.

Aiza's tenth album (which is also her first international album) is produced by S2S Singapore. Shenarrates how she got in touch with this Singaporean company.


"Ang Star Records pala nagpapadala sila ng samples ng mganire-release nila dito. Nagustuhan ng S2S yung sa akin at nagulat ako kasi thisyear lang nangyari lahat. Around February, tumawag ang S2S Singapore nainterested sila to do an album [with me]. Nanood sila ng gig and then okay na.

"We went to Singapore to have a mini-concert para makilalaako ng mga Singaporeans. Sobrang kabadong-kabado ako kasi nag-iisang Pinoy akodun, e. Ginawa na rin namin yung photo shoot sa Singapore."

Aiza is currently signed up with Star Records but on a perproject basis.





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