Aiza Seguerra’s "Para Lang Sa ‘Yo" album nearing Platinum status

Aiza Seguerra does cover songs for her new albumOpen Arms. Her first international album, produced by S2S Productions, will soon be available in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, andVietnam.

According to Star Records, Aiza Seguerra's album ParaLang Sa ‘Yo: Songs Inspired by Ysabella is already approaching the platinummark. As soon as album sales reach 25,000 units, Aiza will receive aPlatinum Award, reinforcing her decision to concentrate on her singing careerrather than her acting career.

In the June 16 press conference for Aiza Seguerra, PEP(Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked how she feels about heralbum that is expected to receive a Platinum Award soon. "Nakakatuwa, lalongayon, ang bentahe ng albums mahina. Nakakatuwa kasi ang album ko talagapackaged as an individual talaga."

Aiza recalls that this album was created at a time when shewas juggling several projects at the same time. She was part of the Judy AnnSantos soap opera Ysabella, she was recording her first album under StarRecords, and she was rehearsing for the comedy musical Avenue Q. Butlooking back, it was all worth it because her 10-track album Para Lang Sa‘Yo has enabled Aiza to revive her singing career after being identifiedwith the huge hit "Pagdating ng Panahon." Her debut album from Vicor, namedafter the hit composition, allowed Aiza to receive five Platinum Awards.

"Hanggang ngayon, hindi ako makapaniwala ako ang kumantanun," says Aiza about her hit song "Pagdating."

"Sa bawat gig, lagi kong hinuhuli‘yon."

In fact, this same song was performed by Aiza when she recentlyperformed in Korea for the benefit of the Filipino community.Aside from "Pagdating ng Panahon," Aiza also performed "Ipagpatawad Mo."

OPEN ARMS. Earlier this year, Aiza received apleasant surprise when a Singaporean company called S2S Productions expressedtheir desire to produce an album for her that will have an Asian release.


"Dito ginawa ang album kasi nandito ang banda ko. Itcontains ten cover songs and nagsama sila ng tatlong kanta from this album [ParaLang Sa ‘Yo]. Bonus tracks yung Tagalog song na ‘Para Lang Sa ‘Yo,' sakayung songs na ‘I'll Be There For You,' and ‘Persistent Rain.'"

The songs included in Aiza's tenth album (and her first international album)are "Open Arms," Vincent," "I Can't Make You Love Me," "Somewhere Over theRainbow," "Smooth Operator," "At Last," "Time After Time," "Home," and"Journey."

S2S Productions released the album today, June 17, but OpenArms will be available here in the Philippines by July.

"Uunahin nila Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. StarRecords will distribute the album here after one month."

S2S Productions invited Aiza to perform for the benefit of the retailers anddistributors in Singapore. How different is it performing in front of aninternational audience?

"Nung nag-show ako sa Singapore, sobrang kabado akokasi hindi nila ako kilala. Dito kasi sa atin, teritoryo mo na. ‘Pag sinabingAiza Seguerra, may expectations na ang tao sa ‘yo. Doon wala. Siguro, yung nasaisip na mga ‘yon, ‘Sino ba ‘to? Ano bang meron ‘to na wala sa iba?' Feeling koganun ang nasa isip. Yung tipong kailangan mo silang pabilibin."

She recalls that she was supposed to sing only three songs but then theyrequested for more so she ended up performing five songs for the audience.

Aiza is unsure when she will be leaving for Singapore to promote Open Arms,her first international album, but she is definitely leaving on October 25 toperform in the play Avenue Q in the Esplanade Theater from October 31 toNovember 16. Aiza portrays the role of Gary Coleman in the comedy musical produced by Atlantis Productions.





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