John Mayer’s album "Where The Light Is" available soon

John Mayer's performance in Los Angeles lastDecember 8, 2007 is immortalized in the 22-song 2 CD and DVD titled WhereThe Light Is-John Mayer Live in Los Angeles. It will be available in thePhilippines by the end of the month.

When John Mayer performed at the Nokia Theater in LosAngeles last December 8, 2007, producers recorded three sets of songs to bepackaged as his first live recording since The Village Sessions (2006).

Where The Light Is—John Mayer Live in Los Angeles will be available inthe country by the end of the month. The 22-song 2 CD and DVD will be releasedlocally by Sony BMG Philippines. This presentation, directed by Danny Clinch,captures the multi-Grammy Award winning, platinum singer and songwriterin the element where fans love him the most: live on stage.

The special concert includes three sets: an acoustic performance, a rare setwith John Mayer Trio (John Mayer, Steve Jordan, and Pino Palladino), as well asa set featuring Mayer's full band. This will be John Mayer's new release since Continuum(2006). It incorporates each of the elements that the five-time Grammy-winneris known foracoustic songwriter, electric guitar slinger, blues singer, andvocalist.

The 22-song 2 CD and DVD features a one of a kind song listmade up of the three distinct performances. Highlights include many of Mayer'sbiggest hits ("Waiting On The World To Change," "Daughters," and "WhyGeorgia"), new interpretations of cover songs ("Free Fallen'," "Bold As Love,"and "I Don't Need No Doctor") and a previously unreleased Mayer gem ("In YourAtmosphere").


Where The Light Is-John Mayer Live in Los Angeles

Acoustic Set

1. Neon

2. Stop This Train

3. In Your Atmosphere

4. Daughters

5. Free Fallin'

Trio Set

6. Everyday I Have The Blues

7. Wait Until Tomorrow

8. Who Did You Think I Was

9. Come When I Call

10. Good Love Is On The Way


11. Out Of My Mind

12. Vultures

13. Bold As Love

Band Set

14. Waiting On The World To Change

15. Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

16. Why Georgia

17. The Heart Of Life

18. I Don't Need No Doctor

19. Gravity

20. I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)

21. Belief

22. I'm Gonna Find Another You





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