Pupil’s "Set Me Apart" music video wins award in New York

Pupil's groundbreaking music video of the Animax theme "Set Me Apart" was singled out as the finest among the lot by the judges of the 2008 Promax/BDA Awards. The music video of the said single was recently accorded the Best Music Video award handed out in New York City, U.S.A.

Pupil's animated music video "Set Me Apart" was recognized as Best Music Video in the recently concluded 2008 Promax/BDA Awards in New York City, U.S.A. The said song and video were used as the official theme of Animax Asia-an anime television network owned by international media giant Sony Pictures and Entertainment.

In an earlier interview celebrating the release of the song and its corresponding video last year, the band described the single as a call for "individuality and non-conformity."

Regarding this animated music video, Animax marketing director Ms. Judy Chow said, "We wanted to create a song that embodies the spirit and essence of the channel and vocalizes the attitudes and opinions of the youth generation."

Pupil frontman Ely Buendia arranged and wrote the music while his partner Diane Ventura crafted the lyrics with contributions from guitarist Yan Yuzon, bassist Dok Sergio and then drummer Bogs Jugo.

Keeping up with Animax's "be different" theme, Pupil meticulously crafted the ditty around the concept while at the same time bearing in mind the network's audience and viewing preference.


"The idea behind ‘Set Me Apart' was to capture the energy and eclectic style of anime," explained the vocalist of Pupil. "We tried to pack as much variety in a three-minute song as we possible could to reflect Animax's kaleidoscope of entertainment."

TURNING ANIME. The song's official music video was as revolutionary as the actual song itself. Again, in keeping up with Animax's image, the network suggested to incorporate "anime-inspired visual style" for the video. The hard rocking quartet was literally turned into anime heroes—much to the delight of the band members themselves—completely wrapped up in a fantasy world inspired by anime shows like Final Fantasy, Onimusha, Full Metal Alchemist, Paradise Kiss, and Honey & Clover.

Said the official Animax press release in support of the video: "Viewers and fans will be especially thrilled to see Pupil morphed into animated characters in the music video, and to know this privy information: the animated characters portray what each band member dreams of being if they had a chance to be anime heroes. So now you know—Yani wants to be a cowboy; Bogs dreams of playing his drum set in the middle of a busy freeway; Dok imagines jamming on his bass while surrounded by the ocean; and Ely fantasizes about being in a glass elevator and shooting into space."


In a text message sent by Ely to the band's co-manager, Day Cabuhat, relayed to GMA News, he had this to say about the award and recognition, "Pupil is proud to be a part of a world-class production. My warmest congratulations to the talented director and animators who made the video a reality. There was never a more deserving team."


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