sessiOnroad's bakit hindi?


Album cover courtesy of Alpha Records

"Blanko"—sessiOnroad's carrier for the album "bakit hindi?" talks about the empty sentiment we feel whenever there's too much thought in one's mind. The duality of the idea is noteworthy since a blank mind can only be achieved by filtering out the noise and nonsense that invades our everyday thinking; or by simply ignoring actuality, being inattentive, and being lost in thought completely.

The song attempts lyrically to personify a certain fleeting emotion, whether it's something universal like love and rapture or something mundane, like boredom and despair. The verses address on how people become easily impassioned by something that they feel is all consuming. The definition of such a response is wildly immense. Different people have different speculations and ideas on things but what the song suggests is that there is an acknowledgement to the feeling of emptiness.

What better way to start the mind than an impression of peace and serenity?


"Blanko" is meditative, wishful, apologetic, and giving to all emotional conquests. It is a song that attempts to sway people into a mood which is reflective, a testament on how they treat their lives accordingly. It shares the power of dreaming and suggests a little of making amends: atonement, a warm embrace, and safeguarding beautiful memories. "Blanko" shares to listeners a straight-out musing to all who wants to be in touch with a consciousness which is suitable and attuned to our ever changing world.


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