The Vamps' singer looks forward to seeing Liza Soberano at their #3LOGYinManila concert

After their visit to the Philippines in 2015, Twitterverse was abuzz with a photo posted by The Vamps singer and guitarist James McVey with teen star Liza Soberano.

Obviously smitten by the young Kapamilya actress, James has apparently kept in touch with Liza. In an interview with Myx, he said: “I’ve been keeping up to date with her, I’m gonna try and meet with her.”

On the ABS-CBN news show Bandila, James said that he and Liza spoke a couple of weeks ago.

The boy band--composed of James, Brad Simpson, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans--will perform tonight at the MOA Arena for the #3LOGYinManila concert.

Jayda Avanzado and William Singe will serve as the front acts for the concert that will also feature the bands Before You Exit and The Tide.

James hopes that she will be in the audience to watch. During the interview, he gave her a shoutout: “Liza, if you’re watching, I’ll sing to you tomorrow at the show.”

During the intimate gathering with members of the press at the Raffles Hotel on Friday night, James revealed that the boys have grown and so has their music.

“We’ve had about a year of touring and living in between the albums. So in that year, we experienced a lot of new places and people, and relationships and friendships, so we as people grew up a little bit in that year and had a lot of new experiences and hopefully, captured that in the second album. Touring has inspired us as well as musical changes like personal experiences.”


After their last concert in Manila, The Vamps had a lasting impression of the Philippines.

Tristan says: “I think it was one of our favorite shows of last year. We’re not just saying that but we came to the Philippines without expectations. We’d never been and we put on a show at the Arena, which was kind of risky and weird, but we did it and it literally sold out. And I remember it was seated and people were standing on the seats in the front. It was crazy!”

Vocalist Brad Simpson acknowledges that Pinoy fans occupy a special place in their hearts.

“The Philippines is the first country that we were No. 1 in. We had no idea but we were told that one of our songs was No. 1 for 2 weeks and it wasn’t even a single. Over here, we’ve had support from here since day 1. And even on our Facebook page, two years ago, the Philippines was the second most active fan base out of all of our fans. That’s amazing. We’re always going to try and see fans in the Philippines.”

James says that they have seen their share of over-the-top fans: “Running in roads and stuff, that’s pretty scary. I opened my curtains 20 minutes ago and I could see these fans downstairs waving up at us. I guess following us around is probably the craziest and most dedicated. They always find us.”

Aside from the album signing and concert in Manila, they will also get to meet their fans in Cebu. Connor says they are excited to go, since this will be their first time in the Queen City of the South.


Though bass player Connor Ball was absent from the gathering, Brad assured that he would be onstage with the rest of the band to perform for their fans. “Connor is going to play [at the concert]. He just had a bit of a knee problem, he twisted his knee so he’s just resting.”





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