LOOK: Fil-Canadian teen Rhys Gutierrez dances onstage with Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber (middle) with the other lucky fans who got to share the stage with him—(L-R) Rhys Gutierrez, Valin Shinyei, Kelly Blancas, and Samuel Scherzer—at Purpose World Tour in Vancouver, Canada last March 11, Friday.

Filipino-Canadian teen Rhys Gutierrez shared the stage with international pop superstar Justin Bieber during his Purpose World Tour in Vancouver, Canada last March 11.

Rhys is one of the four lucky kids—along with Kelly Blancas, Samuel Scherzer, and Valin Shinyei—who danced with the "Love Yourself" singer on stage after being chosen in an open call by choreographer Nick Demoura for kids with ages 15 and under to dance with the pop star.

On Instagram, Rhys shared a short video clip of her experience with the caption: "Thank you everybody who supported me through this journey! This experience has taught me that anything is possible as long as you belieb."

In an interview with ABS-CBN, Rhy said that it was a dream come true to share the stage with one of her idols. The Fil-Canadian teen recalled her close encounter with the Grammy award-winning performer and said, "He touched me, I remember it was on this shoulder. After the concert, I was like 'Did that happen?' It was just so amazing and surreal. I couldn't believe that happened."

In her video entry for the open call, Rhys explained said that this would be an amazing opportunity to inspire dancers of her age to pursue their dreams especially after getting a chance to dance with pop star such as Justin Beiber.

Rhys said, "It just feels amazing to have this opportunity so I wish to take on this one and hopefully, to inspire others to not be afraid and not let age stop you."

Rhys also noted that she has been a fan of the singer since he released his first single titled "One Time" in 2009.

Watch her audition video here:

Rhys also uploaded a video blog on Youtube showing several scenes backstage and how she and the other lucky Beliebers rehearsed for the segment.

Definitely a "one less lonely girl!"





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