Maine Mendoza considers Selena Gomez as one of her biggest inspirations

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Maine Mendoza hopes to meet Selena Gomez up close and personal in the future: "I may not have seen you up close tonight but it was really nice seeing you perform live. Again, you are amazing. I would love to meet you (#ImeanIcould if I only had things prepared ahead of time) but I don't think I am emotionally and spiritually primed to face you."

Eat Bulaga
Dabarkads Maine Mendoza is one of thousands of "Selenators" who braved the stormy weather and the heavy traffic to witness Selena Gomez perform live at her Revival Tour in Manila.

The GMA-7 TV host-actress was able to take some time off from her hectic schedule to catch the international pop superstar's concert at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

One-half of the AlDub love team came in late around 9 p.m. with her friends after a long day of shooting for a TV commercial.

On her blog, she said she wasn't planning on watching Selena's concert.

Maine wrote, "It was very unusual for me to work for a TVC shoot on a Sunday, also during daytime because I usually do them after Eat Bulaga so I am used to shooting at dusk and finishing at dawn.

"Anyway, while having myself dolled up for the actual shoot, I thought about Selena Gomez’s concert tonight. Considering the fact that I LOVE Selena, I really didn’t plan on watching her concert for some reason."

The Eat Bulaga superstar had a change of hearts around 2 p.m. and decided to watch the pop superstar's Manila concert. She sought the help of her handlers, Mike and Pat, to find tickets for the concert.

"I said I wouldn’t mind being seated anywhere the arena for as long as I get to witness her perform live– I could be at the General Admission section, keri lang. I think it was at around 5 in the afternoon when they told me that they already found tickets.


"Thank goodness! We finished the shoot at 9 then rushed to Mall of Asia arena straight away to catch the show. Selena was already performing when we got there but I am glad that we made it!"

The Kapuso star also recalled how she started fan-girling over the "Kill 'Em With Kindness" singer.

The 21-year-old star narrated, "Wizards of Waverly Place was my favorite show as a teen. I was thirteen when I first catch sight of you on TV, and I swear watching your show every single day was one of my best “childhood memories”.

"I have memorized some of your best lines in the show! (I remember jotting them down on a notebook that I still keep inside my closet. Haha!) It was the witty witch who captured my heart at first but I have gotten to know the person behind Alex Russo.

"Turns out she wasn’t just a “witty witch”– she was something else. And there is this one thing that both Alex and Selena have been fortunately endowed with– MAGIC."

Maine then pointed out that she considers Selena as one of her inspirations.

"You’ve got the magic in you, Selena. You are one amazing person. You inspire me in so many ways and you have been an inspiration to a lot of people all over the world for being so real and keeping it that way come what may.

"You set a great example to the youth. You are one of the people I look up to; perhaps because I kind of see myself in you. You are an incredible person and it is your pure heart that made your gazillions of fans adore and love you.


"You are a beautiful being and a strong woman, Selena. I may not have followed your journey since the beginning but you have always been and will always be an inspiration to me as I go along my own journey."

Maine ended her blog saying that she hopes to meet Selena up close and personal "sa tamang panahon."

"I may not have seen you up close tonight but it was really nice seeing you perform live. Again, you are amazing. I would love to meet you (#ImeanIcould if I only had things prepared ahead of time) but I don’t think I am emotionally and spiritually primed to face you.

"Baka bumula ang bibig ko kapag nasa harap na kita. Admiring you from a far was enough. You were so great on your show tonight and I am really happy that I got to see you. Continue inspiring people and keep slaying, Selena. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Hope to see you again soon--sa tamang panahon."

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