Miguel Escueta releases "I AM ME: Amplified"

Miguel Escueta recently released a repackagedversion of his debut album now called I AM ME: Amplified.

It has been almost seven months since Miguel Escuetalaunched a single. In that span of time, he has been busy invading theunderground rock scene with gigs in venues such as Club Dredd, 6Underground andMayric's, among others. He also just recently signed up with new management:The ALV Talent Circuit, headed by talent manager Arnold Vegafria. Aside fromthat, he and the band have also been in the studio working on a repackagedversion of his debut album, which he and MCA Music Inc. have decided to call IAM ME: Amplified. It is a double disc series—with the new album containing 5new songs and 6 videos. It features the carrier track "Handa," Miguel's ownrendition of the rock hits "Mr. Brightside," "Just Like Heaven," Blue Monday,"and his original Balik Simula (Reloaded). The album also contains videos of IAM ME: Amplified Sessions: I AM ME Launch Video, Falling Away, Isipin, Isipin(Acoustic) and Take Me There.

Now that the production process is done, ME and the rest ofthe band (Juni Devecais, Jeng Tria and Roy Secillano) are back on the airwaveswith a new single titled "Handa," (the first one off the new CD).They have also finished shooting the music video for this song, and itpremiered during the first week of August. Hotshot director Treb Monteras tookcare of this one. He used a concept that is very performance driven and added aslight/edgy touch of metaphor that might remind viewers of some videos of theUK based rock band Oasis and the ever so loved Coldplay.

In an interview, Miguel said that "Handa" isprobably the most powerful and emotional song that they have ever released as asingle due to its lyrics and the way they deliver its performance on the album(this was again produced by band-mate Juni). He also said that director Trebcreated a video that perfectly suits the power and emotion that the songentails. "We were very lucky to have had the chance to work withhim," says Miguel.


"This song, along with the others on the Amplifiedalbum, will give the public an idea of the direction that we are now takingmusically," adds ME. "We are all very excited."

I AM ME: AMPLIFIED is now for sale in all majorrecord bars nationwide and is available courtesy of MCA Music Inc.





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