M.Y.M.P. launches its two-year-in-the-making album "Now"

The upcoming album of M.Y.M.P. is set to prove that acoustic's popularity in the music scene have not really dwindled. When asked about their secret formula, vocalist Juris Fernandez (right) said there's none. "Kanya-kanyang tastes lang ng nakikinig. It so happened namaraming may gusto ng ganung music." She is joined by guitarist Chin Alcantara in the photo above.

M.Y.M.P. (Make Your Momma Proud), the duo which popularized hits like "A Little Bit," "Get Me," "Talaga Naman," to name a few, is officially back in the music scene with an album titled Now.

Juris Fernandez (vocals) and Chin Alcantara (guitar) told the media people last night, August 20, at the Phi Resto Bar in Metrowalk, that their most recent work aptly defines M.Y.M.P.'s brand of music.

Now has 12 tracks, two of which are original compositions. It still has that acoustic touch of Chin, the album's musical director, plus a feel of "country" music.

Chin related that the country feel just "came naturally." They were listeningto Alison Krauss's "Baby, Now That I've Found You" when they realized, "parang ganun din tayo."

The album's carrier single "Now" is an entrancing piece written by Cattski Espina—a talented Cebuana "who writes when she's confronted," that's according to her band Cattski's mySpace account.

Majority of the songs they revived—John Waite's "Missing You," Restless Heart's "When She Cries," Step's "Make It Easy On Me," Vonda Shepard's "Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow," among others—talks about heartbreaks, but Chin was quick to clarify, "Hindi sadya 'yon."

He explained, "Halos lahat naman ng kanta namin tungkol sa love. Mgamalungkot ganyan...Pero hindi naman lahat malungkot, eh. Kasi parang yung 'Now,'halimbawa ‘yan, kumbaga yung treatment ko sa kanta, hindi naman malungkottalaga. Parang yung 'Tell Me Where It Hurts' [from the album Beyond Acoustic], nakakaiyak talaga yung lyrics peronaging masaya yung kanta parang ganun...Pero kasi, yun talaga yung forte namin."

For her part, Juris said that their fifth album, which also happens to be the fifth anniversary offering of Ivory Records, is a collaboration between M.Y.M.P. and the new management—"from the songs to the concept of the pictures in the album."


When asked if they follow certain tules in terms of choosing the songs, the lead guitarist said, "Hindi namin naiisip yung timpla ng masa. Although, siguroang guide namin is gusto namin yung kanta, o kaya kinalakihan namin, o kayahilig namin dati.

"Kasi yung 'I'll Never Get Over You [Getting Over Me],' may meaning sa akin yundati, naiiyak ako kapag naririnig ko iyan. So, parang ganun...Kumbaga suwertekami na yung mga gusto naming kanta, gusto ng mga tao. Hindi na namin iniisipyung 'patok kaya ito?' Kung ano yung gusto namin, yun lang yung guide namin."

Most acoustic singers and groups are no longer active in the recording scene now, but M.Y.M.P. is set to prove that their brand of music is timeless.

"Suwerte kami," Chin said. "Yung genre namin, hindi nawawala sa uso. Hindinawawala sa uso yung love songs, kaya kahit wala na yung acoustic, nauuso narin yung rock-rock...Siyempre after ng rock, makikinig ka pa rin ng love song. Kahitano'ng mangyari, gusto mo pa ring makinig ng love song."

And what's new with M.Y.M.P. now?

"Parang nalaman na namin kung ano angdireksiyon namin. Kasi yung mga dating albums namin, halo-halo, may alternative...hindinamin alam kung saan papunta. Ngayon alam na namin kung saan kami papunta."

Fans of M.Y.M.P. waited for two years, and now, it's back...and it's here to stay.


Set You Free
Missing You
When She Cries
Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow
Make It Easy On Me
These Dreams
Rush, Rush





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