Charice hopes fans like his transition from pop to rock music

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"But I love Chasters so much and I want them to like the album. If some of them won't, it's fine," says Charice about his new album titled Catharsis, which marks his transition from pop to rock music.

As part of his 10th anniversary in music industry, Charice introduces his written songs through his new album titled Catharsis.

At a press conference held recently, the 24-year-old music artist talked about writing all the songs for the new album.

It was great, actually, kasi parang biglaan lahat,” he said.

“A few years ago, there were so many people telling me to write my own songs, I weren't ready.

“I was shy, I was very insecure about what the people would think.

“Kasi, I'm not the smartest person in this world. But alam ko 'yong gusto ko.

“At that time, parang I was so scared to show it.

“So when I got to listen to songs that inspired me to write.”

Catharsis also signals his transition from pop to rock music.

Charice recalled, "The first time I heard 'The Man who Sold the World' by David Bowie and Nirvana, that song actually got me up my butt and write the songs.”

“From there, I started to listen to more music. I looked at Kurt's [Cobain] journals to see what were his playlists.

“From there, I started to listen to other bands as well. Doon ako na-inspire.

“It was great. It was fun.

“There's no pressure from people telling me, 'That's ugly, do it again.'

“For me, when I wrote these songs, when they're ugly for somebody else, it's not ugly for me.

“They have no idea how hard I worked with it.

“Even for the songs that I wrote for about five minutes, it's not that I don't care about the songs, but because of the adrenaline was there.


“The idea was in my mind so I had to write it down.

It was easy because it was already me.

I didn't have to think about, like, 'Baka hindi ito fit sa mainstream [music].'

I didn't think about that at all. I just started writing. It was an amazing feeling.”

EXPECTATIONS FROM CHASTERS. Since he's offering a totally different genre from what he used to do, Charice expects different reactions from his fans, who are collectively known as Chasters.

I love my fans. I'm not scared if they won't like it.

Actually, hindi lang naman ito ang first time.

If some of them won't like the album, it won't be the first time.

A lot of them have already turned their backs when I came out,” said the transgender musician.

What if they don't like his new preferred music genre?

Charice replied, “Every day of my life, minsan magugulat ako, nakikita ko na may ibang fans na ngayon hine-hate na ako. It's not new for me.

“Kumbaga, hindi man ito achievement sa kanila, if they listen to it and they end up not liking it, it's not my problem anymore.

“They have no idea about the inspiration na nilagay ko sa album na 'to, 'yong saya, lahat na!

“'Yong puyat, 'yong emosyon, 'yong time na sobrang worried... I got to a point na I was so worried I cried to my partner, 'I don't know if they're gonna like it...'

“Then, I go back to the day I came out.”


In the end, Charice stressed, “If they don't like it, it's not my problem anymore.

But I love Chasters so much and I want them to like the album. If some of them won't, it's fine.”

Listen to Charice's Catharsis album here:





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