Kjwan prepares to unleash third album

Vocalist MarcAbaya (in photo) and the other members of Kjwan are set to dish out their follow up to 2006's 2-Step Marv.Talking about the musical influences on Kjwan and their effect on the band'snew set of songs, guitarist Jorel Corpuz said: "Meron kaming mgapinapakinggan na mga hip hop artists, e, tsaka mga two-step drum and bass mganakukuha ko kay Jun, kay Kelly. Ginagawa na namin ngayon minsan,once in a while, nagku-cover kami ng Ever

A year after bagging the top plumin the band category of the IKON Asean tilt held at the Putrajaya ConventionCenter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kjwan is now working overtime inside the recordingstudio to finish the band's follow-up to their 2006 album 2-Step Marv.

Guitarist Jorel Corpuz excitedlytold PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that the nearly two-year lullallowed the band to write more than a handful of new materials, giving the bandthe luxury of carefully choosing the songs they want to include in the album.

"Well, songs have been like medyomarami. Pero ngayon namimili kami talaga ng gusto naming mga kanta. May mgakanta naman kami pero pinipili namin ‘yong pinakamaganda para doon sa album or‘yong pinaka-tingin namin na okay ilabas," shared Jorel in an interview last August20 at the Mag:net Café in Bonifacio High Street.

Although known as a unit that prefers rock, the quintet of Marc Abaya, J-Hoon Balbuena, Kelley Mangahas, BoogieRomero, and Jorel Corpus never denied their fascination for melodic pop tunes.

The band's previous singles like"Daliri" and "Pintura" best represents Kjwan's fondness for mixing melody withheavy metal riffs. Fans, however, were surprised when the band released theband's unabashed pop take, "One Look"—a straightforward confession of one's admirationfor a loved one set in an almost sunny vibe.

REACHING OUT. True to their eclectic taste when it comes to music,Jorel shared that their varied interests have found its way into the band'scurrent lineup of new materials.

And if "One Look" was anyindication of Kjwan's direction, the amiable guitarist candidly said that they'renow focused to come up with songs that would be commercially appealing withoutlosing substance.

Said Jorel: "Sinusubukan naminngayon na gawing mas compelling ‘yong mga kanta. Kumbaga sinusubukan namingmag-take ng cue sa mga songwriters na idolo namin, mga banda na idolo namin naparang tinitingnan naming ‘yong mga career path and we just want to reach theaudience better.


"Kasi naisip namin na ang hirapdin na nagsusulat ka ng kanta tapos hindi naiintindihan ng audience mo. Peroagree naman ako na tingin ko we can do better as songwriters so ‘yon ‘yongini-improve namin."

Speaking in behalf of hisbandmates, Jorel frankly owed up that they're more comfortable writing songs inthe English language—this despite the fact that some of the band's mostmemorable singles were written in the vernacular.

"May mga Tagalog kaming kantapero it's one thing that we really need to learn kasi we really write bydefault in English," confessed Jorel, who, along with his bandmates, studied atthe Ateneo de Manila University during their college years.

"Kasi sanay kami magsulat ngEnglish. Totoo lang mahirap talagang magsulat ng Tagalog. Pero ako that's onething, I would really love to learn kasi iba talaga ‘pag siyempre sarili mongwika."

Aside from working on the still-untitled album, Kjwanis also planning to embark on a tour to promote the record. As for theitinerary, drummer J-Hoon excitedly mentioned places as far as Malaysia, HongKong and Macau, among other places.

Wearing a grin, J-Hoon proudlyenthused, "They're waiting for us to come back."





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