Gary V prepares for silver anniversary concert, Nov 14-15

When asked what else he wants to do after 25years in show business, Gary Valenciano told PEP (Philippine EntertainmentPortal), "Madami pa, madami pa. I haveso many ideas in my mind. Even as I amtalking to you, I have so many ideas. But I don't think na they are meant for me to execute. I think they're meant for me to give it andthen let others execute it."

It's only a matter of days before his silver anniversary concert,but it seems that Gary Valenciano still has a lot of ideas about what to include in this historic event.

The two-night concert will be held at the Araneta Coliseum on November 14-15 and will feature special guests such as Jericho Rosales, Karylle, Rachelle Ann Go, and Pinoy Dream Academy winners Yeng Constantino and Laarni Lozada. Rapper Gloc 9 will also jam with Mr. Pure Energy along with other bands Rivermaya, Sugarfree, Bloomfields, and Salamin. Gary's children, namely Paolo, Gabriel and Kianna, will also give tribute to their father as he marks another milestone in his career.

In an interview with Mr. Pure Energy last Friday, November7, during the Christmas Tree Lighting at the Araneta Center, Quezon City, hetold PEP and TV5, "Ang dami pa naming mga ideas na pumapasok at ginagawa paramaipasok para sa concert."

This just means that the singer is very hand on when itcomes to preparing for his concert titled Live @ 25. "Basta pagdating sa mga concerts ko,talagang parang hands on ako, e," said Gary V. "So, 'yong mga ideas, lahat, kahit ideas ko man ang lahat ng ito, hindiko ito magagawa kung wala ang magaling na team. Yes, it's going to be big for me."

The 44-year-old musician said that the show will be a celebration ofhis 25 years in music industry and he dedicates it to the fans who have always been supporting him.

"Well, it's a 25th year, 25thanniversary, you know. I guesstalagang, you know, although celebration ito ni Gary V., it's not for him, it'sfor those who have supported him," he said.

The performer admitted that he wanted to includepeople that has been part of his music career, however this would take foreverfor the show to finish.

"Parang we have to weigh it left and right, and see kungsino dapat ang lumabas. Kasi, hindialam ng lahat ito, pero maliban sa mga solo acts—like Rachelle Ann Go,Christian Bautista and all—my son, Paolo, nag-[prepare] din siya ng isang tributepara sa akin featuring the bands. Sosome of the band members, some of the bands like Rivermaya, Sugarfree,Bloomfields, ang dami," said Gary V about his guests on the said concert.


In the interview, Gary V. admitted that although he's beenin show business for more than two decades, he still gets nervous whenever heorganizes an event like this. "Youknow, we still have tickets to sell," he admitted.

Yet, he is still positive that the concert will havea good turnout. "These people here, theway they've been showing me so much support, I'm confident that, number one, we're gonna have a great time here, it'sgonna be packed. Number two, pag-alisng tao, parang we gave them more than what they came for, this, for me, is theimportant thing. Dapat pag-alis nila,talagang sulit ang binayaran nila."

In the end, Gary V. said that this is not just ananniversary offering but also a Christmas gift for his loyal supporters and, ofcourse, to God who has given him talent in singing, dancing as well asacting.

He reiterated, "It's a Christmas gift but it's not just agift to people, but it's a gift that has been given to me and I'm just sharingthat to everybody else. And it beingChristmas, I'm just giving glory back to the One who deserves it. You know, I can practice, I can singeveryday, pero kung hindi ito kagustuhan ng Panginoon wala rin ako."

Tickets for Live @ 25 are available at TicketNet (Tel. No. 911-5555).





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