Lance Raymundo releases rock single

Lance Raymundo is out to prove that aside from being known as a balladeer, his heart is really set on making a mark in the rock and roll genre.

He used to be known as a ballad singer, but this time, Lance Raymundo is trying to make a comeback in the music genre he really loves: rock and roll.

While you may dismiss the sight of a screeching, rugged-looking rock and roll Lance as a bit of a joke, he is actually very serious with repackaging himself as a rock dude. He is so serious that has toured bars all over the metropolis to promote his newest rock single, The Beautiful Sun. The single is a prelude to Lance's still untitled rock album that will be released in May of this year.

Lance started in the industry seven years ago when he was just a 20-year-old kid. His image then is similar to today's Erik Santos and Christian Bautista-suave love song crooners out to make girls scream out of sheer kilig. Says Lance of his previous incarnation: "It's just a matter of packaging, I guess, gone wrong. I'm saying gone wrong because when you're new you tend to follow the requirements of your bosses, di ba? I've decided when I come back I would rather showcase myself—‘yong totoong style ko. Because if I'm going to stay here for good I'd rather be happy and release my own kind of music."

Fortunately for Lance, his real kind of music—pop rock—is dominating music channels and radio airwaves. But projecting himself as a rock and roll singer is a big challenge for Lance, who admits it's hard doing it alone. He explains, "I'm alone, I'm not a band. Peropackaging ko pang-band kasi my music is more for a band." Chuckling, he says: "I guess I'm the only solo artist that actually sounds like a band!"

But he's willing to give it a shot. "It's an experiment. I may succeed I may fail. It's worth a try, di ba?"


Lance will be performing on February 22 at Arcadia Bar and Restaurant at Malate and on February 23 at Mugen Bar at Metrowalk, Pasig City. He will also host the next leg of Style Eyecatcher, a modeling search that will be held on February 24 at the EDSA Shangri-La.





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